What Kind of IoT Starter Kit Makes a Venue Smart?


Venue Kit Introduced

Minew cordially introduces you to use our IoT Starter Kit MVS, a complete Bluetooth® LE gadget bundle kit that includes a various assortment of devices to meet the requirement of any venue, including guest tracing with disposable tags, traveling flow analysis, indoor navigation, and push notification onto phones. This package comes with everything you need to expeditiously build a modern venue IoT service infrastructure. These devices work incredibly well on their own, and when being utilized together, they provide a complete functioning network.

Any venue establishment can benefit from Minew’s full-strength Bluetooth® LE monitoring network and it is highly recommended for expositions, shopping malls, airports, museums, stadiums, arenas, and department stores. The IoT Starter Kit MVS is easy to assemble and is made to fit any venue. Thanks to its blazing-fast gateway and the Minew cloud platform, this kit provides the improved speed needed to handle a large number of Bluetooth® LE devices. Regardless of the type or size of your venue, it uses cutting-edge technology and the greatest level of accuracy to give the most responsive measure at a discounted price. These devices were picked from a wide range of Minew products to best suit your needs.

Current Problems

It was never easy to monitor a large crowd or keep a live record of event properties. Implementing a complicated system comes with a high cost. Accurate personalized marketing information push notification has nearly been impossible. Scaling to meet the exponential rise in guests has proven to be a difficult undertaking for management due to labor cost, management complexity, and low productivity. Due to data redundancy and inconsistency, the server works slowly and at a significant overhead cost. Failed marketing can often result in a significant loss in revenues while being unable to locate the asset in time would often result in a drastic deepening of costs in money and time.

Benefits of IoT

With the help of an IoT Starter Kit, several devices may store, process, and share data in the ecosystem known as the “smart linked world.” The public venue sector can benefit immensely from this. With the growing popularity of smartphones and the development of the mobile communication network environment, public venues focus on growing, not containing, and micro-managing which can lead to exorbitant overhead costs. These IoT-based products have physical, intelligent, and connectivity elements. Remote control, monitoring, optimization, and analysis are now attainable thanks to the interconnectivity provided by IoT. By further integrating into big data, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, data provided by IoT can bring indispensable value to the organization while a more thorough development and research can turn this data into useful marketing solutions thus optimizing tactics and increasing revenues.

MVS IoT Kit as a Solution

The kit MVS offers you an effective and adaptable solution for venues as a whole. It can track the whereabouts of every guest while keeping assets secured if properly installed and integrated with a functional system. The administrator may easily identify, monitor, or track items by creating and integrating a network around the kit using portals from local servers or cloud platforms.

Better experiences can be had with MVS IoT kit. Systems are coupled to these gadgets to bring workers a more scientific arrangement of the venues over any location in place of the seamless event experience. Guests can visit any area with the help of indoor navigation. The status and locations of valuables are not updated and are being tracked in the centralized server and the management can access this information anywhere on the go.

This IoT network can cover virtually anywhere at big events. Benefits include improved collaborations, more opportunities for locating additional revenue streams, guest flow analysis, securing assets, and establishing intelligent area access, all of which the ultimate goal is to create smart venues.

Smart Venue

The G1 Gateway

G1, a Bluetooth Low Energy® IoT gateway, internally scans Bluetooth devices, gathers data from them, and then transmits it through WiFi or Ethernet to a server, helping users connect to the private cloud through the server securely and privately transfer data across servers rapidly. It indicates its status by showing the colorful circular light strip. The G1 gateway’s intended use is to assist users in implementing very valuable location-based services and aid clients in increasing connectivity while being easy to set up. Its best-in-class performance including wide range detection, remote access, setup by batch, high throughput, data filtration, strong security, strong compatibility, disaster recovery, flexible installation, and easy upgradeability, makes it a perfect fit in large venues.

S1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The S1 temperature and humidity sensor offer exceptional environmental monitoring. S1 will continuously monitor the ambient temperature of different areas in a venue and upload that data simultaneously to the gateway or phone. With a broad range of data measurement, S1 includes an integrated probe to effectively decrease fluctuation and increase its service life in challenging environments. Data can be recorded and kept locally. Threshold settings for temperature and humidity alarms can be set. S1 is water and dust resistant, allowing to work outdoors.

MSV01 Vibration Sensor

MSV01 is a vibration sensor for asset monitoring that can detect any vibrations. It has a vibration sensor that converts the measured vibration signal to relevant numbers for security warnings. Because of its lightweight construction, it may be mounted in almost any place. With adequate software development and implementation with gateways, users may use their mobile devices to track assets in real-time for remote monitoring.

T3 Disposable Tag

T3 is a disposable small form tag for guests for indoor location-based services and event monitoring. T3 can be carried by guests so that the management can quickly locate them in case of any emergent situation. T3 broadcasts standard iBeacon data at predictable and programmable intervals, while smartphones with the developed app or gateways with the developed server pick up the signal and decipher it.

i6 Disposable Tag

The ultra-thin i6 is a disposable asset management tag. The sleek and slim design makes it can be attached to any surface on any object for asset monitoring. The management can locate an important piece of art in a matter of seconds in a museum as long as it is a covered range of gateway scanning distance. A geo-fence can be also developed to notify the administrator if the monitored object is being transported outside the area or is no longer in possession.

MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon

MBM02 is a long-range and long battery life rounded beacon mainly for proximity locating, advertising, and content pushing. It can be used for targeted advertising to push content in museums, malls, or exhibits. With related software developed, it can deliver push notifications to nearby guests of promotional coupons in malls, explanatory lessons in museums, or product flyers in exhibits. It is IP67-certified water and dust resistant that can be used outdoors.


With a purchase of our bundle kits, our cloud platform can be used for free. Once requested from our sales team, an account would be granted, thus, the platform would be perfect for test and demonstration purposes.

Now Available for Pre-order!

The smart venue IoT starter kit is available for pre-order now. Contact our sales team to order yours today to interconnect the venue.

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Minew is a professional turnkey supplier providing complete customized IoT solutions from concepts and ideas to physical products. They have over a decade of experience working on RF products manufacturing, completing more than 500 OEM/ODM project...
Minew is a professional turnkey supplier providing complete customized IoT solutions from concepts and ideas to physical products. They have over a decade of experience working on RF products manufacturing, completing more than 500 OEM/ODM project...