Iveda Launches IvedaAI Cloud Subscription

David Ly

Iveda® (NASDAQ: IVDA), the global solution for cloud-based AI, launched IvedaAI Cloud Subscription, a service that effectively makes cutting-edge AI video services available for use cases from the consumer to the professional level.

A powerful solution accessible to anyone with an IP camera, the IvedaAI Cloud Subscription can transform pre-existing cameras into smart cameras – all without the need for a large server or dedicated IT department. With the launch of IvedaAI Cloud Subscription, everyone from business owners to homeowners can have access to AI-powered video search and surveillance capabilities, providing the tools needed to protect the people and places that matter most.

“A first-of-its-kind service, IvedaAI Cloud Subscription allows everyone – from the single-family home to the coffee shop down the street, to the jewelry store in the city – to leverage incredibly powerful AI for enhanced security,” said David Ly, CEO and founder of Iveda. “If you look around your city, town, or neighborhood, you’ll see cameras everywhere. But without a human behind the camera, its purpose is nearly meaningless. With IvedaAI Cloud Subscription, anyone with an IP camera can now experience the safety and security advantage of AI, without breaking the bank.” 

According to Grand View Research, the global IP camera market is gaining speed as the rising demand for security surveillance is growing in popularity due to the increasing number of home burglaries and squatting; residential security has become the top priority of homeowners.

While the IP camera market has seen long-term static growth, the addition of AI to cameras is expected to grow rapidly in tandem, to $55.22 billion by 2030, according to Research and Markets. With its new groundbreaking subscription service, Iveda is primed to be a major player in the growth of the AI video category on a global scale.

Ideal for deployments of one to four cameras, IvedaAI Cloud Subscription service uses Iveda’s Xpress Gateway to swiftly locate IP cameras and apply AI analytics for use cases including intrusion detection, facial recognition, license plate and vehicle recognition, and more.

Customizable to meet users’ specific needs, the IvedaAI platform orchestrates multiple-generation AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs across the industry’s broadest array of video analytics. The easy-to-use and intuitive search engine-like process provides major time savings – what once took hours of reviewing video can now be achieved in seconds.

Leveraging pre-existing IP cameras, users can set up an IvedaAI Cloud Subscription in mere minutes. Similar to almost any online account activation today, users can start by heading to the account registration page to create a profile and select the package that best meets their needs and budget.

After account setup is complete, users can log in (via a web browser or the IvedaAI app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices) and set up any desired real-time notifications and alerts sent directly from on-premises cameras surrounding what the AI has been programmed to monitor for (e.g. intrusion detection, vehicle recognition, etc). Alerts can be delivered directly through the app and/or external emails, depending on user preference. What’s more, users can also view live footage within the app. 

Starting at only $99.99 a month for the world’s most advanced AI video features, Iveda offers a range of affordable monthly plans; there’s an IvedaAI Cloud Subscription that’s right for everyone. With stable performance and no maintenance required, it’s never been easier to monitor and secure locations – from homes to mom-and-pop retailers, gas stations, and beyond.

Automating video surveillance with real-time alerts, IvedaAI enhances accuracy and reduces occurrences of false alarms and junk alerts, truly capturing active threats and notifying operators to take action. Offering low operation costs, IvedaAI Cloud Subscription provides significant time and cost savings for scalable deployments.

“IvedaAI Cloud allows more users to benefit from sophisticated, high-end technology without the cost and burdens of setup and maintenance,” Ly adds. “Iveda wanted to provide this service so that smaller businesses and even residential homeowners can take advantage of safety and productivity enhancements from AI technology. With the launch of IvedaAI Cloud Subscription, we’ve made it flexible and convenient for people to experience technology that can work for them in return –– no IT knowledge required.”  

Powered by Iveda’s core technology IvedaAI, the new IvedaAI Cloud Subscription service joins Iveda’s lineup of smart solutions, including vumastAR, IvedaEMS, IvedaCare, Iveda Smart Drone, and Utilus Smart Pole, to name a few. Through its latest product launch, Iveda is underscoring its mission to make it easier for people everywhere to increase safety and security through the power of AI. 

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David Ly
David Ly
David Ly is the visionary founder of Iveda, having served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors since the company’s inception in 2003. With over 20 years of experience in wireless data, cellular, IT, and cloud video surveillance, David has...
David Ly is the visionary founder of Iveda, having served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors since the company’s inception in 2003. With over 20 years of experience in wireless data, cellular, IT, and cloud video surveillance, David has...