Meadow v1.0: Empowering .NET Developers

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Wilderness Labs, the driving force behind the Meadow platform, proudly announced the much-anticipated GA release of Meadow v1.0. After six years of dedicated development, including three years of public betas and the creation of an impressive 1.5 million lines of code, Meadow is now production ready. This release further empowers both hardware and .NET developers to deploy stable, high-performing IoT applications that can be securely updated in the field, creating a new era of possibilities for the Internet of Things.

Meadow v1.0 is the result of the Wilderness Labs team’s unwavering commitment to their mission of making hardware development as fast and easy as web or mobile. Drawing on the expertise of its talented engineers and invaluable feedback from its community of beta testers, Wilderness Labs has crafted a powerful, secure, full-stack IoT platform that enables enterprise developers to utilize their existing .NET skills to build embedded solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional tools.

The heart of their platform is Meadow.OS, which includes a custom runtime that enables full, modern, .NET applications to run with native performance on truly embedded devices: microcontrollers. Built on top of that are .NET hardware APIs that ensure managed and memory-safe access to complete, low-level hardware, effectively eliminating the unsafe memory security risks found in embedded development languages, and built on top of that is a massive library of peripheral drivers and hardware libraries, including graphics and industrial control, which enable true plug-and-play IoT development without the need to have a deep understanding of hardware.

In addition to the device stack, Wilderness Labs also announced the beta of Meadow.Cloud, which enables enterprises and developers to securely scale IoT applications from one device to millions on any device, built on any platform. Meadow.Cloud provides secure Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, uptime monitoring, and crash-reporting, and seamlessly integrates with device data streams into enterprise clouds, for any device, including embedded microcontroller hardware and even Linux Single-Board-Computers (SBCs) such as the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi.

“I’m super excited to get Meadow v1.0 out the door; it’s a huge milestone for us and I truly think it revolutionizes hardware development and brings it into the 21st century,” Bryan Costanich, CEO of Wilderness Labs. “It’s been amazing and inspiring to see how Meadow enables our customers to build things they could only dream of before. And with Meadow.Cloud, folks can manage any device in the wild whether it was built on .NET or not. Enterprises have needed a solution like this for a long time, and I’m stoked to be able to deliver it.”

“I’m thrilled about Wilderness Lab’s release of production-ready Meadow, which will unlock new possibilities for the world’s developing economies. With its focus on .NET, security, and ease-of-use, Meadow has the potential to transform the way we build, test and deploy entire IoT solutions to create a more sustainable future.” – John Kattenhorn, CEO of Applicita and Cofounder at 4RDigital. 

As Wilderness Labs celebrates this achievement, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The dedicated team of experts at Wilderness Labs will continue to evolve Meadow, introducing new features, updates, and integrations to meet the dynamic needs of developers and the IoT industry.

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About Wilderness Labs:

Founded in 2016, by former Xamarin executives and engineers, with a mission to make hardware development as fast and easy as web or mobile. Wilderness Labs is the creator of Meadow; Secure, Production-IoT for Every Developer. Meadow improves productivity by enabling businesses and .NET developers to create sophisticated embedded IoT solutions in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional approaches and provides organizations with the ability to securely manage those devices in the field at scale with Meadow.Cloud.

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Wilderness Labs
Wilderness Labs
Meadow empowers businesses & .NET devs to build cost-effective IoT solutions faster while ensuring secure device management at scale.
Meadow empowers businesses & .NET devs to build cost-effective IoT solutions faster while ensuring secure device management at scale.