Minew’s 2021 in Review and Outlook for 2022


2021 was challenging. The world continued to be hit hard by the pandemic, the Delta variant proved overwhelming resulting in strict lockdowns, production was interrupted, and supply chains were disrupted. Many industries were running out of chips due to the global semiconductor shortage and we were faced with a price increase of raw materials. We grew a lot this year, and can’t wait to continue our growth next year. Our hope is to have more face-to-face communications in 2022. With that, we would like to review 2021 with you to see where we’ve been and where we’re going!

Some of Our Exciting Highlights in 2021

Joined the FiRa Consortium as an Adopter Member

On July 30, 2021, Minew joined the FiRa Consortium as an adopter member to show the commitment to help expand the UWB ecosystem by integrating UWB technology meeting agreed-to specifications into products. The FiRa Consortium is a member-driven organization focused on the secure fine ranging and positioning capabilities of interoperable UWB devices. By joining the FiRa Consortium, Minew is positioned to stick to the organization’s efforts to establish an ecosystem of UWB devices. Minew brings along broad expertise in wireless devices, ready to expand the business based on UWB in the forthcoming innovations.

Established Firm Partnership With Nordic As Nordic’s Design Partner

As the only Asian company to be selected, Minew was honored to partner closely with Nordic in July. This is a critical step of Nordic’s newly-published “Nordic Partnership Program” (NPP) that runs to “drive the adoption of wireless technology and help Nordic’s customers to bring their products to market faster”. As Nordic’s design partner, Minew plans to synergize with other design and solution companies of wireless products all the way from programming to creating an ecosystem based on wireless technology.

B10 Emergency Button and C10 Card Beacon Received 2021 IoT Excellence Award

Minew’s B10 Emergency Button and C10 Card Beacon have received a 2021 IoT Excellence Award. This award honors innovative products that support the availability of information being deduced, inferred, and directly gathered from sensors, systems, and anything else that is supporting better business and personal decisions. This was presented by TMC and Crossfire Media in December 2021.

Live Events and New Releases Enable Customers With a Whole View of Minew

We’ve carried out 7 Live Events in 2021, enabling customers to get a full picture view of our new breakthroughs and latest innovations. These innovations we introduced are as follows: our B8 Plus Social Distancing Wristband, the AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit, the P1 Plus Robust Location Beacon, the B10 Wristband, the MWL01 AoA Beacon, and more. All of these were to meet different requirements of our customers. Much to our satisfaction, Prevention Projects of COVID-19 (up to 20 carried out by Minew) have greatly helped to delay the COVID-19 outbreak, which is not only a superb honor for us but a responsibility to society!

Minew Sales, Market Share, & Team Have Grown Rapidly and Strongly

With the endless efforts of the expanding Minew team, strategic partnerships built with our clients, and adhering to the innovative development, our sales and market share have grown rapidly and strongly in 2021. We clearly saw that 2021 would not stop there for us! We were lucky enough to gain new team members that will join our mission to deliver diversified products in the new field and provide professional services to our amazing clients. As we head into 2022, we are fortunate to have a strong, highly skilled team to lead us into more successful product development and gain more market share.

A Fresh Look to Minew’s Official Website and Store

We designed a fresh, new look to our official website and store. We did this to enhance the customers’ browsing experience and to elaborately control every fine detail. We believe this further reflects our extreme emphasis placed in the details of user experience upgrades.

These are certainly not the only upgrades and highlights we’ve had, as we have had many highlights in the past, and will definitely have more highlights in the future – created by you and Minew!

Support From of Our Customers

We received numerous letters of support from our valued customers this year! We are grateful and honored to provide exceptional service to our customers. Here is what some of them had to say!

“Thank you! Again, we are impressed with your responsiveness and efforts, and it is greatly appreciated!” written by Endre.

“Minew has been absolutely great in every way. Your customer service and attention to detail have been critical to our success.” written by Arun.

It’s hard to express our gratefulness towards our customers, but from the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say,

“Thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence. Thank you for your warm company all the time. In 2022, we’ll still keep committing to continuous innovation oriented towards serving across all industries for win-win. “ 

Heading Into a Prosperous 2022 and Beyond!

In 2021, with a significantly higher vaccination rate, the global economy is gradually recovering from the huge impact of the COVID-19 virus. The Omicron variant will prove more challenging and the chip shortage is still complicated going into 2022. Nevertheless, a more challenging and complicated environment in the market will present more opportunities for growth, particularly in the IoT industry. Businesses will need to evolve, diversify, and look to reduce costs to ensure growth. In addition to this, people look to favor quality companies with sound fundamentals, strong pricing power, and well-established franchises. Minew’s development and deployment in the IoT field will be more flexible and precise.

Minew Ecosystem for win-win – For the next year, Minew will maintain a strong connection with clients while building a network of partners with the goal of helping you accelerate your IoT solutions time-to-market. This would be done in relation to Minew’s portfolio while creating new market opportunities via co-marketing.

New Products – We never stopped! Looking to the future, Minew will have more smart and surprising products awaiting you in Data Transfer Units, Low Power Cellular IoT, and Wireless Sensor Networks. Stay tuned!

Room for Growth – With a strong recovery in used sales volume in 2021, we see there is still much room for growth in 2022 with new attempts and breakthroughs in new areas.

We hope our new products and services in 2022 will help your business maximize potential cost savings and minimize potential risks as the epidemic continues to rise and supply chains remain under pressure well into the coming year. We believe fundamentally strong companies will stand out in 2022 and of course, we at Minew will try our best to gain something positive together with you.

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Minew is a professional turnkey supplier providing complete customized IoT solutions from concepts and ideas to physical products. They have over a decade of experience working on RF products manufacturing, completing more than 500 OEM/ODM project...
Minew is a professional turnkey supplier providing complete customized IoT solutions from concepts and ideas to physical products. They have over a decade of experience working on RF products manufacturing, completing more than 500 OEM/ODM project...