mioty Alliance Announces New ETSI Standard for Low Throughput Networks

mioty alliance

The mioty Alliance is pleased to announce the release of ETSI TS 103 357-2 V2.1.1, a significant update to the TS-UNB protocol specification for Low Throughput Networks (LTN). This new version, published in June 2024, represents a major step forward in standardizing and improving LTN technologies.

Key highlights of the new specification include:

  • Class B: Description of class B end-points, that are capable of scheduled downlink communication (i.e. periodic opportunity of downlink transmission)
  • Class C: Description of class C end-points, that are capable of event-triggered downlink communication (i.e. on-demand downlink transmission)
  • Higher Data Rate: To reduce power consumption in uplink and get more capacity in downlink
  • Low Latency: New time & frequency patterns for low latency applications
  • Power Consumption: Timing flexibility in uplink for drain current optimisation in devices

The mioty Alliance recognizes this standardization as a crucial step in advancing the adoption and interoperability of LTN technologies. By providing a clear and detailed specification for the TS-UNB protocol, ETSI TS 103 357-2 V2.1.1 will facilitate the development and deployment of robust, efficient, and standardized LTN solutions.

We encourage all stakeholders in the IoT and LTN ecosystem to review this new standard. The mioty Alliance remains committed to supporting the ongoing development and adoption of LTN technologies, and we look forward to the positive impact this standardization will have on the industry.

For more information on ETSI TS 103 357-2 V2.1.1 and its implications for the LTN industry, please visit the ETSI website or contact the mioty Alliance directly. [Source]

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mioty alliance
mioty alliance
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The most robust, efficient and scalable IoT connectivity solution available.