Monogoto Network and Actinius Announce New Soft SIM for Low Power Networks


Cloud-based cellular network provider Monogoto today announced a new collaboration with IoT solution provider Actinius to add Soft SIM to Nordic  nRF91 Series-based designs, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective for IoT device makers and developers to access new markets and deliver seamless connectivity in IoT enabled environments.

Soft SIM or “virtual SIM,” is an entirely software-based solution that resides within a device’s memory and processor or modem and eliminates the need for a physical SIM card. Available at a fraction of the cost of a physical SIM card, Soft SIM is hardware agnostic, leveraging pre-existing resources on a device such as a radio module or microcontroller and maximizes design flexibility lowering the cost barrier for device makers, allowing them to extend powerful connectivity to smaller and smaller devices.

“This solution is the ideal answer for IoT device designers and manufacturers who don’t have a high-security demand and who are looking to lower their bill of materials, production and operating costs. We are delighted to partner with Actinius to make this service available to our customers and to reduce the complexity and price of large IoT projects.”

Maor Efrati, CTO of Monogoto.

“Launching our SoftSIM for the nRF9160, in partnership with Monogoto, showcases our commitment to practical, flexible and scalable IoT solutions. The flexibility of Monogoto has been crucial in making this happen.”

Alex Tsamakos, Founder and CTO, Actinius

Out-of-the-box Availability 

Monogoto and Actinius’s Soft SIM is fully compatible with LTE-M and NB-IoT. It is now available to the market as a subscription model. To get started contact Monogoto at

About Monogoto

Monogoto is shaping a smarter, more connected world with our unique, easy-to-access, always-on 5G cloud for IoT connectivity and Private LTE. Our mission is to empower enterprises and developers with simplified, functionality-rich and secure connectivity for IoT and Private Networks, breaking today’s barriers to innovation.

As a connectivity-as-a-service cloud provider for both public and private device connectivity, Monogoto’s rapidly expanding service boosts Internet of Things innovation and growth by providing seamless, cost-effective device connectivity in a simplified and easily accessible way. Today, developers around the world rely on Monogoto’s technology to connect sensors and devices in over 180 countries, across 550 public and private 4G/5G networks in multiple verticals, from agriculture to manufacturing, healthcare, fleet management, micro-mobility, retail, and more.

About Actinius

Actinius specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, focusing on improving low-power sensors, connectivity, and security for both businesses and individual users. Known for our pragmatic approach to technology, we provide products and services that aim to simplify complex challenges in the digital landscape. As a company, we have carved out a significant niche in the IoT market, emphasizing user-friendly, scalable solutions.

At Actinius, we balance our commitment to innovation with a strong dedication to responsible business practices. This blend of priorities positions us as a reliable partner in the technology sector, trusted by our clients and peers alike.  For further details about Actinius’s work in IoT, visit

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Monogoto is the first ever private-public cellular cloud - Enabling public and private seamless connectivity for any project with global connectivity alongside private LTE/5G networks.
Monogoto is the first ever private-public cellular cloud - Enabling public and private seamless connectivity for any project with global connectivity alongside private LTE/5G networks.