CoreKinect and Kudelski Group Deliver FreshTrack, the World’s First Secure, Flexible & Disposable Cold Chain Tracking Solution

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Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, Phoenix (AZ), USA, and Tempe (AZ), USA, October 21, 2019 The Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S), the world leader in digital security, and CoreKinect, a leader in scalable hardware design & manufacturing, today announced the launch of a joint solution enabling grocers and other food retailers to securely track food using an end-to-end cold chain tracking solution called FreshTrack. Kudelski is providing hardware-based device and data security embedded into CoreKinect’s flexible trackers. The solution can easily be modified for monitoring the quality and authenticity of any other asset.

CoreKinect’s state-of-the-art, disposable tracking and sensing solution can be incorporated into boxes, pallets or even food packaging to monitor the temperature, humidity and other transport conditions of food throughout the entire distribution chain. When a shipment arrives to a receiving dock, the receiving manager can use FreshTrack to immediately see whether each item has been transported within pre-defined specifications, and can make an informed decision about whether to accept or reject the shipment. Regional management can have visibility of all their stores in order to identify trends and resolve recurrent issues based on trusted data.

The FAO estimates that one-third of all food produced is lost or wasted, equating to a loss of $936 billion each year in the U.S. alone. There are places in the delivery process where the cold chain becomes broken, but it’s difficult to monitor how, when, or why this happens, resulting in significant financial losses, reductions in efficiency, visibility and disappointed consumers. By ensuring that data is protected from the point it is generated to the point an authorized user can access it, every player in the chain is delivering and receiving the value that was promised, preventing fraud and tampering and ultimately ensuring consumers receive fresh, healthy food with less food wasted.

Ali Kozlica, Executive Chairman at CoreKinect: “Cutting-edge sensors, on a flexible material, manufactured at a disruptive price point are groundbreaking. CoreKinect’s proprietary hardware architecture allows us to deliver on the promise of IoT with scale. This technology gives realtime insights to make smart decisions about food quality to better serve the needs of both consumers and shareholders.” 

The Kudelski IoT Security Platform provides end-to-end protection from silicon to cloud for IoT devices, thereby securely and sustainably enabling new business models and operational efficiencies. It provides device security, data security, access management and active security to safeguard the entire product lifecycle. The Platform has already been adopted by communication service providers and consumer electronics, medical, asset tracking and industrial IoT partners and clients.

Kudelski Group and CoreKinect will be at MWC Americas in Los Angeles, October 22-24. To schedule a meeting, please write

About CoreKinect

Tempe, Arizona-based CoreKinect is a leader in hardware design that has changed the way scalable IoT solutions are delivered. Through fierce dedication to design principles, CoreKinect’s clients achieve scale without compromising quality or customization. This delivers an accelerated time-to-scale, simplified deployments and uncompromised quality. CoreKinect develops products for asset tracking, vehicle and fleet management, smart home, smart city, wearables, agriculture and energy management. Visit

About the Kudelski Group

The Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S) is a world leader in digital security and a provider of end-to-end convergent media solutions, including services and applications requiring access control and rights management to secure the revenue in digital television, internet, mobile and interactive applications. The Group also offers cybersecurity solutions and services focused on helping companies assess risks and vulnerabilities and protect their data and systems. It also supplies integrated solutions to manage access control of people and vehicles to sites and events. The Kudelski Group is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland and Phoenix (AZ), USA. For more information, please visit

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IoT For All is creating resources to enable companies of all sizes to leverage IoT. From technical deep-dives, to IoT ecosystem overviews, to evergreen resources, IoT For All is the best place to keep up with what's going on in IoT.