Qubitro Ambassador Program Call for Submissions


Qubitro is seeking applications from active community members to join in sharing knowledge around IoT solutions as a part of their Ambassador Program. This work makes our community better and supports the health of the broader ecosystem.

Do you want to know what Qubitro Ambassadors have been doing? Check Qubitro CommunityQubitro BlogHackster.io, or Medium to catch a few. Or better yet, join Qubitro Discord to ask them yourself.

What is Qubitro Ambassador Program?

Qubitro Ambassador Program is the global network of passionate, experienced developers and thought leaders who actively support developers and Qubitro Community by publishing content.

What does it mean to be a Qubitro Ambassador?

Ambassadors are volunteers engaged in various activities globally; by mentoring others, building solutions, and sharing experiences with inclusion and accessibility in mind.

Qubitro Ambassadors are passionate enthusiasts who teach and share Qubitro technologies in many ways:

Creating Content

  • Writing technical blogs
  • Creating and sharing codes
  • Making videos (live streams, tutorials, etc.)
  • Creating resource docs
  • Building tools and solutions
  • Teaching people about Qubitro services through workshops, courses, and webinars by hosting virtual events

Adding value to Qubitro Community by being a part of Qubitro from all around the world.

All participation in the Qubitro Ambassadors program is entirely voluntary. We know that you have many commitments outside. At any point, if you no longer want to participate, please let us know. There will never be any hard feelings.

Various Benefits Just for Qubitro Ambassadors

Not only will you get the recognition you deserve from the Qubitro community, but you’ll also benefit from…

  • Acknowledgment/appreciation by Qubitro: All ambassadors will be featured on the Qubitro Community page and have an individual public profile on the program website!
  • Ambassador Spotlight: Ambassadors will be introduced with a unique post made for them on all Qubitro socials.
  • Content promotion: All content created by Ambassadors for Qubitro technologies will be published, supported, and highlighted by Qubitro and the community.
  • $25 Given Each Month: Every month, top contributing ambassadors will be rewarded with $25 to use on the Qubitro platform. So you can connect a minimum of 12 devices per month for free!
  • Exclusive swag: Ambassadors will own qualified and meaningful swag packages and gifts.
  • Content Creation Packages: Ambassadors will receive hardware or additional tools to help their content creation process when needed.
  • Access to Slack: Ambassadors can reach out directly to subject matter experts on the Qubitro Slack channel and ask questions about their work. They are also invited to participate in exclusive projects, events, etc.
  • Special privileges on Qubitro Discord: Ambassadors are highlighted on Qubitro Discord and have special privileges, Top Contributor of the Month is always awarded.
  • The Global Network of IoT Developers.
  • Special AMA sessions.

What are the criteria for acceptance into the Qubitro Ambassador Program?

  • Having an interest in Qubitro technologies and IoT as a developer
  • Strong communication skills
  • Creating qualified technical content, including tutorials, code samples, educational books, blog posts, and videos
  • Helping tech entrepreneurs and developers
  • Being able to articulate and provide meaningful advice to others
  • Showing activeness on Qubitro Discord as a community member will also separate you from the others

All individual IoT developers are encouraged to apply to be recognized and participate in our Ambassador community.

Apply now!

Qubitro team and Qubitro Ambassadors worldwide are always here to answer your questions and help you on your mission.

Check out Qubitro Ambassador projects from AkshitaAhmadPradeep, and Prasannaa to get familiar with the Program.

Can’t wait to have you on board!

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Qubitro is a device data platform (DDP) built for a hyper-connected world and used by companies of all sizes— from visionary startups to large enterprises across 40+ countries.
Qubitro is a device data platform (DDP) built for a hyper-connected world and used by companies of all sizes— from visionary startups to large enterprises across 40+ countries.