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Berkeley, California and Toronto, Ontario, 8 June 2022: UC Berkeley Underground Physics Group partnered with Seal Storage Technology to employ decentralized cloud storage for neutrino research data, supporting the development of novel detection technology. Seal is leading the adoption of Web3 by providing sustainable, affordable, and immutable storage for impactful data. Seal’s decentralized  platform stores immutable copies of the data set, distributed globally, where the integrity of the data is continually verified, and chain of custody tracked – providing authenticity, data resilience, and security.

Neutrinos originate from some of the most mind-bending elements of the universe: black holes, exploding stars, and the Big Bang. Researchers such as Professor Gabriel Orebi Gann and her group at UC Berkeley are creating a detector to trap these mysterious “ghost particles” to uncover mysteries of the universe. Web3 decentralized cloud storage provider, Seal Storage Technology, is partnering with the Berkeley Orebi Gann Group to provide secure and immutable storage for the neutrino data. The groundbreaking research is not possible without a reliable place to house the data.

This new detector will be four tonnes and a couple of meters in scale – a prototype for a larger detector, Theia, which will be 25 to 100 kiloton and several tens of meters. Such a detector can give clues about the origins of the universe and push the boundaries of research ranging from high-energy to particle and nuclear astrophysics. Since these detectors are enormous, they create a large amount of data that needs secure storage. 

“Nuclear and particle physics experiments have an ever-increasing need to store and access large amounts of critical, unique data. Our team is developing novel technologies that will be used to address fundamental mysteries about the nature and formation of our universe and for applications such as nuclear nonproliferation activities. We are excited to work with the Seal team to address the challenge of data handling for the exponentially increasing data sets produced by next-generation experiments,” says Professor Gabriel Orebi Gann.

Seal promotes the adoption of Web3 technology by offering sustainable, affordable, and immutable data storage on top of the Filecoin Network. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that uses cryptography to “store humanity’s most important information.” Using Filecoin’s secure cryptographic protocol to prove storage, Seal submits proofs once a day, which are then validated by every node on the Filecoin network. Professor Orebi Gann and her team entrusted Seal to protect their vital research data from being lost or corrupted. The Web3 component of the data storage means that faulty or malicious actors are noticed by the distributed network and removed automatically.

Seal is proud to be entrusted with storing Professor Orebi Gann’s neutrino data. We’re thrilled to provide a real-world application of Web3 technology for exceptional research universities such as Berkeley. Partnerships like these advance the Web3 ecosystem and propel science and technology forward,” says Michael Horowitz, Seal Storage Technology CEO. 

“With decentralized storage, the availability of information is not dependent on any one server or company, providing a more robust, secure, and resilient platform for critical public interest datasets,” said President and Chair of Filecoin Foundation, Marta Belcher. “Filecoin’s mission is to preserve humanity’s most important information, and the use of this technology by UC Berkeley Underground Physics Group and Seal is a natural fit.”

By using Seal’s Web3 decentralized cloud storage, Berkeley’s research will maintain autonomy over the data their detector generates, rather than relinquishing control of data to a centralized platform. This partnership signals a new trend in institutional data, research, blockchain, and Web3 storage technology, pushing the advancement of human technology to new bounds.

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Seal provides decentralized cloud storage to accelerate the adoption of Web3. As a leading provider on the Filecoin network, Seal offers sustainable, affordable, and immutable data storage. SealSeal Storage Technology (@SealStorage) / Twitter | LinkedIn

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IoT For All is creating resources to enable companies of all sizes to leverage IoT. From technical deep-dives, to IoT ecosystem overviews, to evergreen resources, IoT For All is the best place to keep up with what's going on in IoT.