Veego's New Software Helps CSPs Overcome Internet Subscriber Onboarding Issue

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Veego Software, the world leader in connected-home dynamic contextual intelligence, today highlighted advanced capabilities in the company’s AI-powered platform to help CSPs provide a more frictionless onboarding process for new internet subscribers. Leveraging Veego Engage, the ISP’s marketing, network, and customer experience (CX) department can calculate highly accurate and contextual Quality of Experience (QoE) measurements and monitor any user segment’s ongoing internet experience, including consumed devices and apps. The software’s intelligence provides autonomous functionality to create a more pleasant customer experience that starts with the hardware installation and first internet experiences.

Veego Engage can be consulted for several points throughout the sensitive onboarding period:

  • Monitoring and guiding the router installation process (hardware, software, router location, network settings, etc.).
  • Guaranteeing optimal connectivity and setup of all smart devices and applications (gaming, streaming, conferencing, etc.) within the connected home.
  • Segmenting and labeling new subscribers as a “high priority” audience for close QoE monitoring for a selected period of time.
  • Receiving insights about user experience for proactive outreach and subscriber engagement.

Providing a great subscriber onboarding experience is the first step to increasing positive feedback and long-term CSP growth. This is the starting point in establishing customer loyalty, which begins by presenting an engaging, responsive, reliable, and more performant Internet service.

To deliver a better user experience during their journey, CSPs must be alert to early negative impressions new subscribers may gain from slow or poor connectivity. Areas the CSP must be aware of include:

  • The subscriber’s initial and ongoing experience.
  • The ability to measure the efficiency and success of the hardware installation process.
  • Problems that arise impacting the quality of service and determining the root cause.
  • Approaches available to remediate connectivity problems quickly.
  • Subscriber QoE compared against competitive metrics.

Veego addresses these concerns for CSPs with an advanced new technology called Dynamic Contextual Intelligence (DCI). DCI oversees the user experience from the very first days of their service engagement to guarantee satisfaction levels and greatly increase longevity. Deployed in the home router, the company’s technology ensures the connected home experience remains high by providing connectivity intelligence to the CSP — both actively and proactively. Veego continuously scores the Quality of Experience (QoE) of each internet user session in the context of what they are doing and what impact the device being used may have on connectivity. For example, performance issues in a competitive game may result in very low customer experience numbers while the same degree of lag in an audio stream is, at most, mildly bothersome and often unnoticeable.

When issues occur, no matter if in a new household or an existing one, Veego automatically looks for the root cause of the problem end-to-end. Is it in the WiFi? Is there a defective device affecting the home network? Is the router positioned effectively? Is the app server exhibiting difficulties? What is the condition of the WAN? The last mile? Veego checks all of these possibilities to pinpoint the location of the problem and determine its root cause. Once the problem is identified, Veego provides autonomous remediation in several ways:

  • In many situations, Veego repairs issues automatically and under consideration of the connected home context in order to avoid creating new problems for other users in the home.
  • In other cases, Veego provides remediation recommendations to users and to the ISP, either via the Veego Active self-care app for subscribers or the Veego Care dashboard for care professionals.

After the issue is resolved, Veego reviews the effects of its modifications and makes sure the problems do not reoccur. This is to make sure the new-subscriber home is enjoying optimal internet service.

According to Veego CEO Amir Kotler, “The company’s AI-powered platform ensures advanced Internet Service Providers are able to segment and closely support new subscribers in real time. The intelligence we provide, both inside and outside of the home, when diagnosing issues and mitigating problems without CSP intervention is new to the industry. Additional value comes as we identify and continuously optimize the service quality of new subscribers, in real-time.”

About Veego Software
Veego is a cutting-edge SaaS, high-tech company that endows CSPs with vision and understanding across the entire Internet Service Delivery Chain. It automatically detects devices as they connect and apps as they are consumed, and captures millions of real-time data points concerning behavior, usage, performance, and more. Veego uniquely measures the quality of experience of every internet session in context, yielding a true reflection of how the user actually feels about the internet service at every moment. To learn more, please visit

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality, unbiased content, resources, and news happening in the Internet of Things (IoT) and related disciplines such as AI, VR/AR, data science, telecommunications, and so forth.