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WILSON, Wyo.– WaterIQ Technologies, the leader in next-generation ultrasonic solutions to combat harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals, announced a new Board of Directors to drive the next phase of ultrasonic algae and biofilm treatment solutions growth.

Edgar D Jannotta, Jr, of Warwick Capital Partners; Vishal Sunak, Founder and CEO of LinkSquares; J. Patrick Lupo, the former chairman and CEO of DHL Worldwide Express; and Tom Kalishman, Chairman and CEO of SAK Construction, join Lawrence Field, CEO of WaterIQ Technologies, to comprise the company’s Board of Directors. All members bring a wealth of business and technical expertise.

WaterIQ’s new Board of Directors will guide the company’s strategies, both technical and go-to-market. In addition, the board, given its extensive experience in growing their respective companies, will provide guidance on operational excellence and best practices. The board will be consulted on the technical and commercial aspects of the company’s growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offerings and the associated software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform.

“It’s an honor to welcome a diverse board with deep experience in global businesses. Their insights will be invaluable as we grow and pursue our mission to restore water ecosystems to their natural states,” said WaterIQ CEO and Chairman of the Board, Lawrence Field. “Algae are a worldwide problem that calls for the right solutions backed by people with proven success in attacking grave problems as well as demonstrating operational excellence to scale globally.”

WaterIQ’s new Board of Directors follows the announcement of the company’s new Lake and Pond division as the company accelerates its vertical market growth.

  • Edgar D Jannotta, Junior – Mr. Jannotta has been actively investing personal and family capital through Warwick Capital Partners. Jannotta served as Principal of Golder Thoma Cressey from 1998 to 2011 and was Managing Director in William Blair’s private equity investing group from 1988 to 1998. Mr. Jannotta is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Business School.

  • Vishal Sunak – Mr. Sunak is the Founder and CEO of LinkSquares, one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the world, according to Inc. 5000. In 2021, Sunak was named an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Mr. Sanak has a B.S. in Engineering from Northeastern University and an M.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • J. Patrick Lupo – Mr. Lupo is the former chairman and CEO of DHL Worldwide Express. During his tenure at DHL, Lupo also served as general counsel. He is a former director of O2 plc, Ladbrokes plc, and a former member of the supervisory board of Cofra, AG. Mr. Lupo received a law degree from the University of San Francisco and a B.A. from Seattle University.

  • Tom Kalishman – Mr. Kalishman is the Chairman and CEO of SAK Construction, one of the fastest-growing, privately held pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling contractors in the United States. Prior to SAK, Kalishman led the U.S. Business of Insituform and served on its Board of Directors. Mr. Kalishman graduated from the Wharton School of Business.

  • Lawrence Field – Mr. Field is CEO, and Chairman of the Board of WaterIQ Technologies and the Founder of LDF Ventures, LLC. Field served as founder and Managing Director of Regent Private Capital, LLC and was Chairman of Tulsa Inspection Resources. In 2011, he founded Cypress Energy Partners, which was listed on the NYSE. Mr. Field has a B.S. from the University of Texas.

WaterIQ’s new board of directors will help with the company’s mission to eradicate the algal and cyanobacterial blooms that impact our water, including water that people use for drinking or recreation, and are becoming a prominent threat to today’s water resources. Harmful blooms tend to form in warm water with high levels of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. According to the CDC, cyanobacterial blooms have been found in freshwater bodies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and all over the world. As a result, in an attempted response to address this threat, the global market for harmful algaecides is $3 Billion and growing at a 6% CAGR. WaterIQ Technologies provides non-chemical ultrasonic algae remediation solutions that eliminate most species of harmful algae from water bodies within one to two weeks without causing harm to other forms of life.

The technically-advanced WaterIQ ultrasonic solutions provide the industry’s widest range of ultrasonic frequencies (more than 2,000) for maximum effect and advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology for real-time data capture of critical system and water quality data. Additionally, its use of advanced materials, such as SharkletTM technology, enables effective long-duty cycles and uninterrupted field usage.

WaterIQ Technologies combines world-class go-to-market engagement, technical expertise, innovative technology, and business processes to sustainably address the world’s growing algae crisis. The company works closely with reseller partners to eradicate dangerous algae growth, in a variety of markets, including drinking water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, general agriculture, golf courses, lakes and ponds, industrial, and HOAs.


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About WaterIQ Technologies

WaterIQ Technologies is a technology company that designs solutions to defend water in drinking water treatment utilities, wastewater drinking plants, golf courses, lakes and ponds, and wineries from algae and biofilm contamination.

WaterIQ Technologies uses next-generation ultrasonic technology, designed to be highly effective and reliable, to eliminate algae and prevent its return and onboard monitoring technology to capture critical water quality data from sensors and transfer it in real-time for remote monitoring and analytics. As a result, our customers can remotely monitor water health to sustainably treat algae. WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions and highly competent staff play a crucial part in an overall prescriptive solution to restore water to its natural state.

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IoT For All is creating resources to enable companies of all sizes to leverage IoT. From technical deep-dives, to IoT ecosystem overviews, to evergreen resources, IoT For All is the best place to keep up with what's going on in IoT.