Submission Guidelines

What we publish

Articles that provide clear value to our readership.

Posts, opinions, tutorials, and resources for the Internet of Things, AI & ML, AR & VR, Design, Security, and any other topic that relates to the advanced technologies shaping our world. Articles can help those building and growing new technologies, explore the effects of those technologies on humans and public policy, or simply share cool new advances.

Whatever form or topic, your pieces must offer a good, clear answer to “how will reading this be valuable to me?”. Good answers include: It’s educational, it’s informative, or it provides useful resources to the reader. Ideally, it’s a combination of those.

What we do not publish

Posts that are trying to sell something – whether it’s a product, a service, a tool, a book, a training course, tickets to an event, or a website that profits from views and ads.

To maintain the quality and impartiality of our content, we reserve the right to refuse articles that do not align with our mission and beliefs. This is a very hard line to draw, and it’s obviously subjective – so please don’t take it personally. Our main objective is to be a trusted place for our audience to access the content and resources they need, without worrying that someone is trying to sell them something.

How to write your post

    • For the style of your piece, write in clear, easily understandable language. Too often, IoT content is created by engineers for engineers and overly technical. If highly technical language or acronyms aren’t essential to the specific piece, don’t use them. And add a little personality to your writing 🙂
    • Break up your piece and make it engaging with headings, images, and short paragraphs.
    • Write in 350-2000 English words.

How the submission process works

    1. If it’s your first time publishing with us, just fill out this form.
    2. We will review all submissions thoroughly and get back to you within 3 business days. We rarely take longer than that to respond, but if we do, don’t worry – we’re just having a hectic week.
    3. After being accepted and reviewed, your article can take from 1 day up to 3 weeks to be published, depending on the queue and editorial planning. The best articles are not time-sensitive, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
    4. Once your article is published on, we ask that you also publish it to our Medium publication so we can share it with the biggest audience possible. To do so, you’ll need a Medium account.
    5. Depending on the kind of article, we may also record an audio version. See below for details.


What’s a Contributing Writer?

Contributing Writers are writers who have demonstrated excellence in their writing and particular field of expertise. Contributing Writers get their own author page, get added to our team page, have their articles featured in our newsletter, and have the opportunity to attend conferences for free; among other benefits.

How do I become a Contributing Writer?

You can apply directly to become a Contributing Writer by filling out this form with your information and including some samples of your best writing.

We’ll also reach out to writers who have shared content on our publication and who we feel would be a great fit.

Do you offer any opportunities to promote or feature content?

Yes we do! Please head over to our advertising page for details.

What are audio articles?

Audio articles are exactly what they sound like! We record our articles in audio format, usually in the author’s own voice, because we want our audience to have access to our content anywhere; whether they’re on their phone, computer, or going for a run or drive.

Audio Articles

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