MobileWare Achieves Efficiencies with floLIVE

MobileWare and floLIVE collaborate to simplify the IoT ecosystem with robust global connectivity. Learn more in this case study from floLIVE.

IoT Service Providers face significant challenges in achieving profitability in the Internet of Things (IoT) space despite its promising potential. One major hurdle is the high initial investment required for infrastructure development. Establishing robust, secure, and scalable IoT networks involves substantial capital expenditure on hardware, software, and connectivity solutions, which can strain financial resources before any revenue is realized.

Data management poses another significant challenge. IoT generates massive volumes of data that must be collected, processed, analyzed, and stored. The costs associated with data analytics tools, cloud storage, and maintaining data centers can be exorbitant. Moreover, extracting actionable insights from this data requires advanced analytics capabilities, which may necessitate further investment in specialized skills and technologies.

Interoperability and standardization issues also impede IoT profitability. IoT ecosystems often consist of diverse devices and platforms that need to communicate seamlessly. Achieving interoperability can be complex and costly, requiring custom integrations and adherence to various standards, which can slow down deployment and increase operational expenses.

Scalability is another critical concern. IoT solutions must be capable of scaling up to accommodate growing numbers of devices and data traffic. Ensuring scalability without compromising performance or security involves continuous investment in network upgrades and optimization.

Security and privacy concerns further complicate profitability. IoT devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and ensuring robust security measures can be costly. Additionally, compliance with stringent data protection regulations necessitates ongoing investment in security technologies and practices.

Finally, the fragmented nature of the IoT market creates challenges in achieving economies of scale. IoT applications span various industries with unique requirements, making it difficult to develop standardized solutions that can be widely adopted. This fragmentation limits market reach and revenue potential, making it challenging for IoT Service Providers to achieve sustainable profitability.

Download this case study from floLIVE to learn more, including how MobileWare turned to floLIVE to capture the benefits of:

  • Single pane of glass for device management
  • Simplified management of multi-carrier relationships
  • Single SKU SIM
  • Global connectivity designed for IoT complexity
floLIVE offers hyperlocal, global connectivity paired with our cloud-based and API-centric infrastructure, fully developed by floLIVE's team.
floLIVE offers hyperlocal, global connectivity paired with our cloud-based and API-centric infrastructure, fully developed by floLIVE's team.