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The Rise of “Anywhere” IoT Trackers: The Evolution in Healthcare Asset Manag...
With medical campuses often sprawling over multiple floors or even multiple buildings, locating medical devices can be extremely difficult without proper asset management systems in place.
John Horn Jun 29, 2020
Augmented Reality (AR) Applications in Learning
Learn about some of the promising ways that Augmented Reality (AR) is being applied to education use cases to enhance student success.
Ajit Singh May 3, 2019
Prototyping a Dynamic Indoor Positioning Solution
In this white paper, Leverege's R&D team takes you on a journey through the process of prototyping a dynamic indoor positioning solution.
Leverege Nov 15, 2018
IoT Prototyping and Development
Start Your IoT Development on the Right Path
DornerWorks guides you through avoiding the seven common pitfalls business experience when choosing an IoT provider. Direct download the PDF below.
DornerWorks Oct 29, 2018
IoT Prototyping and Development
Creating the Internet of Everything
Skyhook illustrates four key factors impacting IoT: hardware costs, network tech, location services, and cloud services. Direct download the PDF below.
Skyhook Oct 26, 2018
Industrial Automation
Capturing Value from IIoT
Machfu shares how to capture value from IIoT initiatives by leveraging standardization, legacy tech compatibility, interoperability, and cloud intelligence.
Machfu Oct 23, 2018