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LPWAN White Paper
The purpose of this White Paper is to clarify key concepts of LPWAN, compare and contrast the different technologies, and provide resources for further exploration.
Leverege Dec 11, 2020
LoRa & LoRaWAN Primer
This document serves as an introduction to LoRa and LoRaWAN for those considering Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.
Leverege Dec 11, 2020
A Primer on Cellular IoT
NB-IoT completes the trilogy of major cellular IoT network releases (LTE-Cat M and EC-GSM being the other two) while we await the development and deployment of 5G networks.
Leverege Dec 11, 2020
Unlicensed LTE Explained
As demands for data traffic continues to grow, wireless providers have responded by making adjustments to their LTE technology.
Leverege Dec 11, 2020
CBRS Shared Spectrum Explained
This post will examine what the CBRS spectrum is, why it is an attractive deployment option for cellular and non-wireless operators alike, and how this affects IoT business strategy moving forward.
Leverege Dec 11, 2020
LPWAN RF Discussion
This white paper provides a brief discussion of the pros and cons of using the lower 433 MHz band for LPWAN applications and provides implications for certain use cases.
Leverege Dec 11, 2020
Embedded Technologies
Embedded Security for the IoT
This white paper discusses the key embedded technologies being used to protect the Internet of Things.
Kudelski IoT Dec 11, 2020
IoT Prototyping and Development
Agile vs Waterfall: Which is Better for IoT?
Download this white paper to get an honest comparison of Agile vs. Waterfall for IoT development.
Very Dec 11, 2020
The Rise of “Anywhere” IoT Trackers: The Evolution in Healthcare Asset Manag...
With medical campuses often sprawling over multiple floors or even multiple buildings, locating medical devices can be extremely difficult without proper asset management systems in place.
John Horn Jun 29, 2020
Augmented Reality (AR) Applications in Learning
Learn about some of the promising ways that Augmented Reality (AR) is being applied to education use cases to enhance student success.
Ajit Singh May 3, 2019