White Paper Submission

White Paper Submission

This video tutorial walks through how to submit a white paper draft as a Partner or Member of IoT For All. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or [email protected].

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Follow the step-by-step instructions to submit a white paper draft as a Partner or Member of IoT For All.

Step 1

Log into your WordPress Account through the login portal.

Step 2

In the left sidebar, select White Paper → Add New on your dashboard.

If you’re already logged in, click this link.

Step 3

In the center content editor, add your white paper Title and Description.

    • Your description should be an abstract or excerpt that encourages potential readers to click through to the download link.

Step 4

Add your External Link.

  • The external link should lead directly to the PDF hosted on your site, rather than another sign up page. This prevents friction and helps to lower bounce rate.

Step 5

In the right sidebar, add 3-4 Categories and select the Primary Category that is most relevant to your content.

  • These categories will determine where your content is displayed on the site, so choose carefully!

Step 6

In the right sidebar, add a White Paper Excerpt.

  • Excerpts should be as descriptive as possible and no longer than 141 characters.
  • Excerpts are displayed alongside your white paper on any content libraries or experience pages, so make sure it’s compelling!

Step 7

In the top right corner, click Save Draft, then Publish, and finally Submit for Review.

  • This will save your white paper draft to the website, but does not alert our editorial team that you’ve submitted a new piece of content.

Step 8

Fill out the Content Submission Form.

  • This notifies our team that a new piece of content is ready for review. If you don’t fill out this form, we won’t be able to access your draft or know that it’s in the queue!
  • When filling out the form, you’ll be asked for your Post ID number – this can be found in the URL of your draft. See the image on the right for details on where to find it.

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