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How to Increase Machine ROI with Predictive Maintenance

Modern manufacturers can't rely on old-school processes of manually monitoring machine performance and scheduling downtime repairs at regular intervals based on guesswork. Such processes are ineffective, pain-stakingly manually, and inaccurate. Enter IoT-based predictive maintenance. Not only will predictive maintenance help you gather real-time machine data and foresee downtime issues, but it can help you give you the most bang for your bucks in terms of manufacturing ROI. This post will talk about why manufacturing plants should leverage predictive maintenance to achieve a higher marketing ROI.



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Ensuring Your IoT Deployment is 5G Ready and Capable

With the current pandemic liable to put many infrastructure plans on hold, this article looks at IoT connectivity solutions and plots a sustainable migration path to 5G IoT that delivers against the low-cost, low power requirements of typical installations.

Multilingual IoT Solutions With Localization and Translation

Why are localization and translation an integral and necessary part of the IoT solutions? How large a role do these play in IoT software and hardware solutions? Did you know that translation and localization can not only increase the popularity of IoT apps and devices, but also increase sales?

How Operators Can Navigate 5G and DevOps

Once implemented, a collaborative relationship between operator and telco vendor can be mutually beneficial for both parties in rapidly achieving the benefits of DevOps.

The Growing Role Of IoT In COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the world, IoT devices are being modified and deployed to support the healthcare sector to navigate through this crisis. This article includes a few examples of such solutions.

A Guide to Industry 4.0 Predictive Maintenance

This article discusses the benefits of predictive maintenance in industry 4.0, the difference between predictive and preventative maintenance, and how such a system may be employed within an organisation.

Understanding the Differences: M2M vs. IoT

Have you ever wondered what the differences were between M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things)? This article will dive into the intricate details of each.

Why the Retail Industry Needs IoT More Than Ever

The retail industry has suffered hard as a result of coronavirus. Here are three reasons why the enterprise needs to adopt IoT technology for the sake of survival.

8 Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

The article explores the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the technology we use every day, such as word processing software, ride-hailing apps, and e-banking. We start by breaking down what AI is, and then move on to its various applications and how they work.