Android Device Management: How to Leverage Hotel Tech to Delight Digital Nomad Guests

Android Device Management
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The digital nomad era is in full force. Hotels across the globe are welcoming a new group of guests—those that arrive for vacation with their work computers in hand. Armed with a laptop and stable internet connection, this new generation of travelers can roam further for longer. 

Hotels can capitalize on this unprecedented business opportunity with the proper equipment, such as quality android device management.

The Rise of the Digital Nomads

The COVID-19 pandemic institutionalized remote work, and it’s here to stay. Many workers who got a taste of the work-from-home lifestyle aren’t willing to give it up. Furthermore, the allure of working from home soon gave way to an even better scenario.

Instead of staycations, remote workers went on extended vacations. As long as the internet holds up wherever they are, they can maintain their professional lives abroad. As you might guess, doing so has become quite popular. 

The number of digital nomads has exploded since remote work became an option. In the United States alone, the digital nomad population grew from 4.8 million in 2018 to 15.5 million in 2021. 

Hotels Adjust to the Demands 

Hotels accustomed to guests in full vacation mode have had to scramble to adjust. Paying guests are paying guests, after all—especially if they’re free to extend their stay for another week or two. 

These trekkers’ wishes are a stable internet connection, a digital working area, smart solutions to typical traveler problems, and strong connectivity to existing infrastructure. Connecting personal devices to the hotel’s network should always come with reliable android device management solutions. 

Digital nomads will bring their work equipment along for the ride wherever they go. Still, when it comes to rest and relaxation, they’ll happily download the hotel app to use the hotel’s many smart device-powered facilities. So, it should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and secure.

The Convenience of the Hotel Smart TV

Instead of the usual clunky TV set connected to the hotel’s cable TV system, modern hotels now deck their rooms out with smart TVs. Beyond standard local TV and news shows, smart TVs now carry an array of features that elevate the hotel guest experience. 

Smart TVs, especially those powered by Google’s Android TV operating system, can now download and run apps like today’s smartphones and tablets. These apps are social media platforms, video sites, and streaming services. 

This allows guests to easily log in with their accounts and pick up right where they left off in their favorite shows. Watching your favorite streaming shows over a regular-sized TV set is a welcome relief compared to having to make do with your tiny smartphone screen. 

Android TV also allows hotel guests to connect and operate smart appliances installed in their units. Guests can use the room TV to operate and adjust lighting, heat, and music volume. 

Other Uses for Smart TVs 

Meanwhile, hotels find smart TVs far more useful than the old generation of sets. When idle, hotel administrators can activate kiosk mode and display images of the hotel’s announcements, advertisements, and upcoming events. 

The smart TV can also act as an in-room directory, displaying a list of where and who to call for anything guests might need. It also doubles as an in-room concierge, showing room service menus and a list of hotel services. Guests can connect to a department via the smart TV or copy the numbers and use the room’s phone. 

Hotel Smart TVs Need Android Device Management

Granted, populating the entire hotel with smart TVs (not just rooms, but lobbies and function rooms, too) is a sizable investment for any company. As such, it pays to invest further in reliable Android device management software. That way, you can easily manage and maintain the entire device fleet.

Relying on default device management software, however, can backfire. That’s because applications using older protocols like TR-69 may not be strong enough to handle today’s wireless demands. 

Using these default managers could lead to longer management and maintenance services, especially when dealing with hundreds or thousands of devices. However, using cloud-based android device management solutions allows administrators to provide maintenance services quickly and all at once. 

Benefits of Using Android Device Management Software

Using reliable Android device management software allows hotel management to perform low-level device management remotely and unobtrusively. Admins can connect to individual units or the entire fleet during idle hours and perform simultaneous software updates. In addition, remote connectivity doesn’t require in-person servicing. This means drastically reduced service-related support calls and site visits. 

Additionally, the ideal device management software can assign different access levels to ensure that specific stakeholders get access to specific areas only. Admins can perform software updates and fixes but won’t have control over collected data files. 

Conversely, management can download and consolidate user data to generate insights without having access to the system software. 

Meanwhile, security features allow admins to perform services that can protect valuable data. They can wipe all log-in credentials from previous hotel guests in streaming apps and other subscription programs. 

When alerted of unauthorized access or transport of devices, admins can deploy countermeasures. They can choose to disable or freeze the device to prevent further use. Or, they can wipe all information to prevent data theft entirely.

Protecting your hotel’s sizable expenditures on smart TVs is the right thing to do. That truth alone makes investing in reliable Android device management software a no-brainer. Not to mention, ensuring the smooth operation of all smart TVs and other hotel smart devices means more satisfied guests—including digital nomads. 

More satisfied guests are more likely to stay longer, return in the future, or recommend your hotel to others—all of which help ensure healthy business growth.

Radix is a device management solutions provider consolidating all devices, processes and stakeholders in one easy-to-use management platform
Radix is a device management solutions provider consolidating all devices, processes and stakeholders in one easy-to-use management platform