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AVSystem is a vendor of Internet of Things and device management software present on the market since 2006. Our mission is to develop solutions that help enterprises create and manage ecosystems of connected devices. We offer platforms for device and network management, IoT application enablement, WiFi marketing and indoor location, as well as embedded tools. As market leaders in IoT device management, we manage millions of devices worldwide. We focus on scalable solutions based on standards such as LwM2M to help companies speed up the time to market of their IoT projects. Visit www.avsystem.com for more information.


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Coiote IoT Device Management

Coiote IoT Device Management is a platform that enables device management and telemetry collection through OMA SpecWorks’ Lightweight M2M standard (LwM2M). Coiote IoT Device Management is able to provide a leading solution for all IoT devices in various verticals – from small and simple sensors to powerful M2M gateways.

Coiote IoT Application Enablement

Coiote IoT Application Enablement is a platform that serves enterprises as a flexible, scalable, and efficient pathway for bringing new IoT solutions to market. Thanks to its strong integration capabilities, Coiote IoT Application Enablement fits perfectly into any IoT ecosystem. The platform also lets users easily set up business rules and processes, build complex dashboards and test the results in runtime in a no-code environment.

Anjay LwM2M SDK

Anjay is a free and open-source software development kit (SDK) that can be used to create an LwM2M client to help vendors of Internet of Things equipment implement support for OMA SpecWorks’ Lightweight M2M on their devices and enable remote management over LwM2M.

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