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EMnify is a leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider that empowers businesses worldwide to get the best out of their devices and overcome industry barriers. Led by forward-thinking telecommunications experts Frank Stöcker, Martin Giess, and Alexander Schebler, EMnify is revolutionizing the industry through its cloud-native service, enabling secure IoT connectivity – addressing one of the main issues regarding the IoT sector. EMnify’s connectivity is available in 180 countries with 540 operators across all continents.

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What do rental cars, e-scooters and pest control have in common? They're all successful cellular IoT connectivity use cases and EMnify customer success stories!

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EMnify is a leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider that empowers businesses worldwide to get the best out of their devices and overcome industry barriers. Simply put, we deliver customer success for cellular IoT – globally and at scale. We do this by enabling IoT devices and applications to be connected through cellular networks and allowing developers to easily manage and integrate the cellular connectivity into their IoT solutions through our API.

As one of the first connectivity providers with a cellular platform in the public cloud, EMnify provides unique integrations for enterprises running their applications on hyperscalers like AWS, Azure or Google. We secure the path from IoT device to the cloud using an intra-cloud connect that can be set up in minutes using standard cloud services.

Deploying IoT solutions globally can be challenging. Using multiple cellular operators for multiple markets and managing the SIMs on different platforms is far from scalable and quickly becomes cumbersome. However, selecting a single connectivity provider for all your SIMs often means SIM data travels across countries, continents and international jurisdictions (and back again) before arriving where it needs to be - introducing security and latency concerns.

So, what’s the alternative?


Deploying IoT devices worldwide with EMnify is straightforward, efficient and secure. Our network is distributed in all major cloud regions, meaning you can control the data flow and destination. As a result, device data, whether yours or your customer’s, stays local and secure while latency is reduced.

EMnify was founded in 2014 by three veterans of the telecommunications industry. The founders anticipated early that the market’s existing technology and delivery model were not designed to scale to the predicated growth of billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Most importantly, they recognized that connectivity for IoT – then M2M – would move into the cloud.

EMnify enables cellular IoT connectivity globally.
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