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Frank Lee is the co-founder and CEO of DeepPhoton Inc, developing a platform that empower IoT devices with cognitive technology. He has over 20 years of experience in leading product developments in media processing, computer vision, cloud software and IoT platforms. He is an enthusiast in computer vision, IoT, machine intelligence.

Deep Learning Processors For Intelligent IoT Devices

The Growing Demand For Deep Learning Processors In the past few years, the Artificial Intelligence field has entered a high growth phase, driven largely by advancements in Machine Learning methodologies like Deep...

How Gesture Control Could Transform Our Devices and Applications

Touch-less Natural User Interface Natural User Interface (NUI) let users quickly immerse in applications and master control with minimum learning. It is critically important for AR/VR applications and ambient intelligence systems. In...

Choosing a 3D Vision Camera

Overview The need for computer vision systems that can perceive and analyze three dimensional scenes will grow rapidly, driven by the need for machines to interact with the 3D world in real...

Face Technology in Business: A Practical Guide to Using Face Technology (Part II)

Intelligent IoT - Nice to See You In the next phase of IoT evolution, products are built for natural interaction with human beings. Similar to human-to-human interactions, the capability of knowing...

A Practical Guide To Using Face Technology (Part I)

Overview In recent years, face technology is making its way into the mainstream. Advancements in Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and face scanning cameras greatly increase the accuracy of face detection and recognition....
ambient intelligence

Ambient Intelligence – The Ultimate IoT Use Cases

The Ambient Intelligence Vision Mobile To Ambient Intelligence In the past ten years, we’ve witnessed an astonishing mobile computing revolution. Smartphone installation base is expected to reach 6 billion by 2020, according to...
fog computing

Intelligent IoT and Fog Computing Trends

IoT cloud computing platforms review IoT powered by PaaS and SaaS Cloud based Platform As a Service (PaaS) and Software As a Service (SaaS) technologies have been used in enterprise applications for many...

The Rise of Ubiquitous Computer Vision in IoT

The Evolution of Computer Vision You can easily find computer vision technology in everyday products, from game consoles that can recognize your gestures to cell phone cameras that can automatically set focus...