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Gregory Gundelfinger

CEO, Telna

Gregory Gundelfinger is the CEO of Telna. A serial entrepreneur from South Africa and a tech-lover at heart, he led the acquisition of Telna in 2015 and developed himself into a thought leader for telecommunications.

Networks, IoT, Scale

Why Virtualization is Critical to Mobile Networks

Mobile networks have historically been built using specialized hardware adapted to specific tasks. As technology advances, the next level of telco virtualization will mean utilizing high-capacity m...

5G in North America: How Can You Access It?

5G enables a network that can connect virtually anything. Explore the tech behind this new generation of connectivity and how to access it in North America.

Why IoT System Integrators are Important for Mobile Network Operators

Given the meteoric rise of IoT connectivity and Mobile Network Operators, where will the market turn to continue its growth? The answer: System Integrators.
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