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Machfu simplifies the complex landscape of Industrial IoT by easily connecting data at the edge to the cloud and legacy enterprise systems, for business analytics. Our products, the Machfu Platform and Gateway, bring edge to enterprise connectivity to existing industrial infrastructure that can be deployed and scaled quickly.

ANT Wireless protocol is an ultra low power (UPL) technology called ANT and ANT+. ANT/ANT+ is the only UPL provider to offer limitless device interoperability for the simplest, most expandable and reliable user experience for any device that needs to connect wirelessly.

ANT Wireless solutions are making the Internet of Things (IoT) work, today. ANT Wireless currently empowers innovative companies in wellness and fitness, sports, wearables, home automation, industrial and commercial automation, hospitality and healthcare segments to provide tangible solutions that drive interoperability in these markets. Everyday those verticals are expanding.

How does the ANT Wireless technology work?

Simple – ANT+ wireless technology is so simple and small any device can implement and connect to it. The protocol allows developers to mix and match products and brands with the assurance that they will ‘just work’ together.

Reliable – Leading brands worldwide design ANT/ANT+ into top products to ensure that you get the data any time you want since ANT enables connectivity with or without power. ANT-enabled devices can last months/years between power replacements. Even with power source disruptions, connectivity is possible despite network issues.

Expandable – ANT+ stands for interoperability which means that ANT-enabled products do not need a hub to scale. ANT networks scale into thousands of possible nodes, making potential connection virtually limitless. Developers can simply use a node to add to or update systems with no limits to network size or product types.

Capturing Value from the Industrial IoT

Capturing Value from IIoT

Machfu presents a white paper about how to capture value from IIoT initiatives through legacy tech compatibility, interoperability, and cloud intelligence.
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