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The digital infrastructure of building systems and our effective use of data can be 10x better than what it is today. My passion is applying cutting edge technology to operate the built environment more sustainably. I combine my hands-on experience working on mechanical and controls systems with engineering and IT knowledge to solve complicated problems in the built environment.

IoT Project Showcase from Top Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers from across the Midwest gathered in Chicago to discuss the biggest trend facing their industry: The Industrial Internet of Things. Here are the top 3 takeaways from The Internet of...
Photo of buildings connected to the internet

IoT Help Wanted: Solving the Smart Building Problem

Dear Silicon Valley, I work in the facility management industry and could use your help. We have been debating solutions to the same problem for the last 40 years and no...

Top 5 IoT “Quick Wins” for Smart Buildings

There isn’t one distinct thing a building can change to become “smart.” Each building and its occupants are unique and require a unique approach. However, many times occupants and owners can...

The Fundamentals of Smart Buildings

Four walls and a roof: those are the minimum requirements of a building. We need shelter to survive and we create buildings to meet that need. So why build more than...

The Potential of Machine Learning and AI for Smart Buildings

Applying machine learning to smart buildings has the potential to completely change our relationship to the built environment. To understand how impactful this change could be, the current state of building...

The 3 Biggest Opportunities for IoT Innovation in Smart Buildings

The first step to any IoT project is having in-depth knowledge and understanding of the problem that needs to be solved. The biggest opportunities in the Smart Building market have existed...

Transforming an Old, $1T Industry with IoT

The buildings we work and live in are old. Most buildings remain energy inefficient, hard to maintain, and not comfortable for their occupants. Not to mention, the energy used to run...

IoT for Smart Buildings Isn’t What You Think It Is

Traditionally, there hasn’t been any reason to connect the internet to building automation systems. The HVAC, lighting, fire protection, and other systems work on their own. They directly read inputs (sensors)...