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Matt Quirion

Matt is a technologist with 17 years of experience building software systems. He's interested in observing and participating in the evolution of business as "software eats the world."

Google Cloud OnBoard

Insights from Google Cloud OnBoard

In the late 1990s, Apple unveiled a new marketing slogan, “Think Different.” It was meant to evoke ideas about non-conformity and creativity in an age of beige business PCs typically used for word ...

Bill Gates Doesn’t Actually Want To Tax Robots

Last week, Bill Gates made headlines when he said, “you’d think we’d tax the robot at a similar level .” This was spun on various news sites as “Bill Gates thinks we should tax robots.” But if ...

Smart Hairbrush is Pretty Dumb…..or is it?

This morning, as is often the case, I brushed my daughter’s hair. Now, if you’ve never had to brush the hair of a kid, let me tell you: it’s often not much fun. I relish the opportunity to take 5 ...
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