Michael Riemer, Contributing Writer At IoT For All

Michael Riemer

I am an "accidental" entrepreneur with more than 30 years of building companies, products, marketing programs and relationships that deliver valuable customer outcomes and significant shareholder value - 3 exits, 5 patents, 20+ product launches.


How Will IIoT Create More Shareholder Value?

How will IIoT drive more sales? This question stalls many industrial IoT projects. How will IIoT create more shareholder value? Now that is a much better question. Successful IIoT projects are ...

IIoT Analytics are Just Numbers, Unless You Solve a Business Problem

We just deployed a great new reporting tool. What's so great about it? It provides us reports about our key business metrics including revenue, service events, average resolution time, and m...

Staying Green Using IIoT in Commercial Landscaping

IIoT is truly ubiquitous. It impacts everything from factories to construction equipment to the plants in our office. Seriously, the plants. It turns out the commercial landscaping maintenance ...
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