Patrick Burns, Contributing Writer At IoT For All

Patrick Burns

CEO/Co-Founder Haystack Technologies, Internet of Things tech pioneer, dad, coach, martial artist, sometimes mountaineer & jazz pianist. New hobby: K-12 education reform.

The Really Hard Thing About GPS and IoT

“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” - Baruch Spinoza TL;DR: Mobile IoT needs GPS GPS is traditionally not low power Getting GPS right with low power require...

BlueBorne and The Billion Dollar IoT Device Discovery Opportunity

Last week, Armis Labs identified a new attack vector, dubbed "BlueBorne", that targets any device with Bluetooth capability. This includes mobile, desktop, and IoT — accounting for rough...
IoT Earthquake prediction

Can IoT Predict Earthquakes?

My seventh-grade son, Brendan, is basically familiar with what Dad does for a living — helping companies bring IoT products to market. He gets the basics of how the technology works and what it can...
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