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Patrick Burns

CEO/Co-Founder Haystack Technologies, Internet of Things tech pioneer, dad, coach, martial artist, sometimes mountaineer & jazz pianist. New hobby: K-12 education reform.

The Really Hard Thing About GPS and IoT

“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” - Baruch Spinoza TL;DR: Mobile IoT needs GPS GPS is traditionally not low power Getting GPS right with low power requires a tr...

BlueBorne and The Billion Dollar IoT Device Discovery Opportunity

Last week, Armis Labs identified a new attack vector, dubbed "BlueBorne", that targets any device with Bluetooth capability. This includes mobile, desktop, and IoT — accounting for roughl...
IoT Earthquake prediction

Can IoT Predict Earthquakes?

My seventh-grade son, Brendan, is basically familiar with what Dad does for a living — helping companies bring IoT products to market. He gets the basics of how the technology works and what it can...