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Explore POND IoT's solutions: Multi-Carrier SIMs, Internet Failover & Wholesale Services for robust & efficient business connectivity.


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Combining Satellite and Cellular IoT
In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Alex Kotler from POND IoT, joins Ryan Chacon to discuss combining satellite and cellular IoT....
#IoTMakers | E343 | With POND IoT's Alex Kotler May 7, 2024
IoT For All May 7, 2024


POND IoT specializes in delivering advanced IoT solutions across a number of sectors, including sectors like point of sale, kiosks, vending machines, in-home patient care, delivery services, and more. Their portfolio features a unique Multi-Carrier SIM allowing access to all three major US networks on a single SIM using a single profile. This flexibility is crucial for businesses relying on consistent internet access, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Additionally, POND IoT's Internet failover services provide a reliable backup, ensuring business operations remain online during primary connection outages.Further diversifying their offerings, POND IoT extends its expertise to Wholesale Solutions, catering to businesses seeking large-scale connectivity solutions. As an authorized Peplink and Starlink solutions provider, POND IoT emphasizes its commitment to providing robust, efficient solutions for diverse business requirements, ensuring clients maintain a competitive edge in the increasingly connected world. The company also has the capability to deploy end-to-end IoT solutions across multiple industries.

For more detailed information, you can visit their website at www.pondiot.com

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