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R-Style Lab

R-Style Lab is a custom software development company based in San Francisco, CA. We focus on mobile apps enabling sensor data management and visualization, powerful back-end solutions, and middleware and low-level software. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you!


120+ developers | 250+ projects  120+ happy clients | RO in San Francisco, CA

R-Style Lab was founded in 2006 as a part of the NY-based software house. We began with a sales office in San Francisco, CA and a little R&D center in Minsk, Belarus. And here we are now – a successful custom software development company with 120+ developers in our dev center and 120+ happy clients all over the world. We do custom software mostly, but have our own products as well (event-management platform) & still love & do a lot of R&D.

Why Choose R-Style Lab?

PROFICIENCY: 12+ years in IT, 250+ projects delivered to 120+ happy clients.

STRONG & WELL-BALANCED IN-HOUSE TEAM: 40% of the team are senior developers with 7+ years’ experience + middle & junior developers. R&D: we love it and do some really interesting things like AI, connected house technologies; face & voice recognition systems, etc.

SCALABILITY: In case our 120+ developers are not enough, we can borrow resources from our US teams.

HELP IN AGREEING ON BUDGETS AND DEADLINES with Investors and/or Executive Board.

STARTUPS SPECIAL: We can help with pitching ideas (tech part + materials for presentation).

We support all popular methodologies & offer various pricing models (TM, FP, DDT, Agile, Waterfall, Traditional methodologies), as well as provide a free consultation to help you choose what is better for your project.

On the Way to Full-Scale Home Automation

R-Style Lab has prepared a white paper covering Home Automation challenges and ways to address them successfully.
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