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What User Experience Design Means in the Age of Smart Cities

From parking lots that tell us how many spots are available in a parking garage to stop light sensors that allow for better flow of traffic, cities all over the world...

Creating User Journeys for Your IoT Dashboard

In my last article, I laid out the 4 steps to designing a valuable dashboard for any IoT project. In this post, I will be diving deeper into how to create...

4 Steps to Designing the Most Valuable Dashboard For Your IoT Project

Working as a product designer at an IoT company has taught me a lot about the basic requirements of designing an IoT product dashboard. With each project, I have gained a...

How Does Brain Sensing Technology Work?

Picture this. You're back in school, it's exam week, you have multiple exams coming up that you absolutely need to do well on, but lately you have been getting so flustered...