IoT Applications in Eyewear

With smart eyeglasses, staying updated would be as easy as focusing your eyes in a different focal point and then reverting back to where you were. There are many smart eyeglasses out there, but Vuzix, Vaunt, Focals by North and Vue stand out.

Shahrzad Darafsheh
Illustration: © IoT For All

Ever wonder what it would be like to live without having to check your mobile device for notifications? In most cases, it would probably be more beneficial to your productivity. Why? Well think about it, if you set your settings to only be notified for the crucial notifications, then you wouldn’t be tempted to diverge from what you’re doing to take out your phone and check for recent notifications. Staying updated would be as easy as focusing your eyes in a different focal point and then reverting back to where you were. This is a much more efficient process that prevents you from getting derailed completely.

Smart glasses help you do just that. With so many options and not enough experience, however, it’s difficult to find the right one that’s well suited for your lifestyle. This article will cover four of the most popular Internet of Things (IoT) applications in eyewear with a description of what each is best for.

4. VUZIX // $999.99

Coming in at number four on our list, Vizux Smart Glasses are $999 AR glasses that take your digital life and place it right in front of your eyes. While this model is heftier than most other modern brands, it allows greater functionalities. For example, the thick handles act as a touchpad on either side of the frame, giving buyers the ability to use simple tap and swipe interactions to control and customize their view.  With a multifunctional frame such as this one, there’s a lot that you can do. The downside? It’s significantly bulkier and pricier than most frames, making them not so great for everyday use for most people.

3. VAUNT // Currently off the market as Intel looks for partners with strong sales channels

At number three, we have Intel’s first pair of smart glasses that reduce distractions by only showing users contextually important information. For example, if you’re at the grocery store, these glasses can pull up your grocery list to make your shopping experience more efficient. The great thing about it is that due to the placement of the vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), no one else will be able to read the information being projected into your eye. This technology is the most effective way of presenting information and thought to be the future of augmented reality. Additionally, because the laser is projecting to the back of the retina, anyone, regardless of their vision, can clearly see notifications without a prescription.

2. Focals by North // Frame pricing unavailable, but prescription lenses begin at $799

These beautifully designed pair of glasses come with a ring-like joystick that allows users to control their view “remotely.” One of the great things about this brand is that it allows buyers to choose from two options: Focal frames + non-prescriptive lenses or Focal frames + Rx lenses. Depending on which option you choose, in order to order a pair of one of these bad boys, you must visit one of the three showrooms located in Brooklyn, Toronto or Kitchener (a pop-up showroom).

Pros of the Focals by North:

  • Beautiful and trendy
  • Light-weight
  • Extremely intuitive
  • Depending on your provider, the Rx lenses could be covered by insurance


  • A little pricey for those who can’t get insurance coverage
  • You need to physically show up to one of their two showrooms to order a pair

1. Vue // Retail price of $299, but you can pre-order them for $249

With a fixed pricing model, buyers can choose from two types of reading glasses and two types of sunglasses. Vue’s $2,000,000+ funded Kickstarter campaign is a sentiment to how necessary well-designed smart glasses are in this day and age. Estimated to begin shipping products this month, May 2019, these glasses are built for everyday use.

So let’s cover the basics of why these glasses are so great.

  • Like Focals by North, Vue glasses are also offered in single-vision prescriptions, but the great thing is that instead of physically going in for a consultation, you can simply order them online.
  • The frames use what’s called bone-conducting speakers to audibly communicate information via Bluetooth.
  • The corresponding mobile application allows users to customize their experience and find their glasses at the tap of a button.
  • The glasses have a water and sweat resistant frame with built-in activity tracking, making them great for those who want to get the most bang for their buck.

The only major downside to these wonder glasses is that they haven’t been released to the public yet, which means there are likely to be some minor bugs that users will have to cope with. Nonetheless, for the price and functionalities that these glasses provide, they are a valuable asset to any lifestyle.