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Telna provides Mobile Networks, CSPs, and OEMs with a managed global network infrastructure for cellular connectivity. Telna has the largest LTE and LTE-M footprint in the world. Its multi-network platform enables simplified billing and localization. Telna’s Cronus connectivity platform allows instant access to its virtualized cellular infrastructure via API or front-end portal.

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A Market Ripe for Private LTE Networks

The past two years have seen considerable developments in the mobile industry, and the market is ripe for private LTE networks.
SIM Cards for Cellular IoT

Reducing Connected Device Complexity with Cellular IoT

How do you manage a large number of devices globally? This is the new challenge that needs to be addressed by the IoT industry so deployed devices are streamlined and seamless. The answer? Cellular...

Accelerating Cellular IoT and Solving Ecosystem Complexities

Covid-19 has driven the business case for accelerated cellular IoT. Examine how programable SIMs and new approaches to connectivity solve many of the ecosystem complexities prevalent today.

Why IoT System Integrators are Important for Mobile Network Operators

Given the meteoric rise of IoT connectivity and Mobile Network Operators, where will the market turn to continue its growth? The answer: System Integrators.

Cellular IoT: Is There An Inflection Point Around the Corner?

To predict an inflection point for cellular IoT, we must analyze industry opportunities and barriers alongside historical trends.
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