The Best IoT eBooks Out There

Isabel Harner

Due to its complexity, for many first diving into the Internet of Things space, it can seem a little intimidating. There’s a lot you need to know and understand before getting into your first project and the only way to learn it all is to fully immerse yourself in its technologies and components. In this article, we’ve compiled some of our favorite resources and eBooks on IoT and its related technologies, focusing on real-life Applications and applications to ensure that your company has everything it needs to get started in IoT.

IoT and Smart Building Data – by Senseware

With the introduction and adoption of IoT, more and more people are transitioning their smart building data collection to IoT products. This eBook explains why this shift is happening, covers the basics of IoT, and ties it all together in relation to smart buildings, giving a thorough overview of data loggers that could be used in collecting building data.

Energy consultants, building engineers, building managers, or anyone interested in applying IoT to building and facility management, should definitely read this.

The Ultimate Introduction to IoT – by IoT For All

When the Leverege team started IoT For All, it was because we saw a knowledge gap and believed that IoT could not reach its full potential unless the industry is made accessible to all. So, on top of creating IoT For All to educate people on IoT-enabled technologies and their impact, we wrote an in-depth eBook covering the foundational knowledge–hardware, UX, connectivity, and more– that you need to get up to speed in this rapidly changing and advancing industry.

Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Low Energy: A Developer’s Guide – by Novel Bits

This eBook is written for anyone (especially embedded engineers) looking to develop and implement Bluetooth Low Energy and has encountered pain points in finding good resources that cover the basics of this technology. The 230+ pages include practical implementation advice and tactics to help you move your IoT and BLE projects forward.

Everything You Need to Know About LPWAN Location – by SkyHook

This eBook helps technology decision-makers examine the location characteristics and challenges for 6 different LPWAN technologies: Ingenu, LoRa, LTE-M1, NB-IoT, SigFox, and Weightless. You’ll get a breakdown of each location technology (cellular, GPS, sensor, etc.) and compare which location technologies are the best fit for certain LPWAN interfaces.

LPWANs Explained – by LinkLabs

Similarly, this eBook by LinkLabs provides a simple explanation and basic overview of the current LPWAN options, as well as:

  • An overview of mesh vs. star topology choice
  • The 9 fundamental concepts including sensitivity, processing gain, and interference
  • A review of current industry leaders, including Sigfox and LoRa Alliance

Hopefully, these resources provide foundational knowledge as you venture into IoT. If you’ve come across a great eBook that has helped you along your journey in IoT, please share it in the comments!

Isabel Harner
Isabel Harner
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.