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Lights Out and Away We Go: Formula 1 and AWS Team Up to Race
Formula 1 and AWS have announced six new F1 Insights Powered by AWS graphics set to debut during the 2021 F1 season. ...
Lauren Winkler Apr 16, 2021
Big Data: Vital for Healthcare Following The COVID-19 Pandemic
Big data has already transformed numerous industries, including transportation and security. But can big data also revolutionize healthcare?...
Dmytro Spilka Apr 16, 2021
Waste Management
Modern Municipal Waste Management Solutions
Today's modern municipal waste management system is inefficient and prone to human error. Here's how IoT is changing that....
Leverege Apr 16, 2021
Cloud Software
The Real Cost to Develop an IoT Product
After building a team of experts, the hardest part of developing an IoT product is cost management. Learn more about the real costs behind building an IoT product. ...
Guest Writer Apr 15, 2021
Building Automation
Using The Internet Of Things For Smart Office Automation
Many businesses are turning to technology like smart office automation that utilizes IoT to make offices safer and reduce costs. ...
MobiDev Apr 15, 2021
Digital Transformation
The Impact of IoT and Digital Transformation on India
With the help of IoT, India has been converting the nation into a digitized state-of-the-art nation, assisting it in improving efficiencies and economies of scale....
Guest Writer Apr 15, 2021