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Shielding Frontline Health Workers with AI

This article explains how healthcare providers can apply AI’s diagnostic and logistical capabilities to create a protective buffer between emergency medical providers and COVID-19 patients.

Balancing Optimism for a Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint

The article explores the unique features of IoT, the concerns of data protection and privacy in IoT context, and it discusses the potentiality of having a licensing regime for IoT developers in Hon...

The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development trends evolve as mobile technology progresses. AI-powered mobile applications lead to an increase in user engagement resulting in memorable user experience and long-lasting c...

How are Big Data and IoT Interrelated?

The relationship between big data and IoT is one of symbiosis, where seamless IoT connectivity and consequent big data capture and analysis can help enterprises in having a higher level of understa...

IoT Device Security is Not One-and-Done

This article covers five common areas of IoT device security you should consider and how open source projects and services can help you maintain security best practices.