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The economy will recover post-pandemic

The Post-Pandemic Economic Rebound is Dependent on Security and Trust

With a significant increase in COVID-19 related cyberattacks, implementing IoT security will be vital to post-pandemic economic recovery.
Doughnut economics and IoT

IoT and the Potential to Save the World

Heralded as the next innovation by some and an unnecessary gimmick by others, the future of the IoT space is uncertain. From sensors to artificial intelligence, IoT has the potential to save the wo...
Bluetooth Low Energy Pet tracker

Pet Tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Pet owners can use Bluetooth Low Energy tracking solutions, paired with GPS and other smart IoT services, to keep their pets home and safe.

Smart Buildings Facing The New Normal

Buildings can keep employees and business assets safe by adopting various smart automation systems to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

How IoT Uses Sensors to Add Intelligence to Concrete Infrastructure

Most infrastructure problems remain invisible until they have significant negative consequences. IoT makes the invisible visible with sensors and remote monitoring.