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Smart Cities

Role of Network Monitoring Software in Smart Cities

Smart city infrastructure should ideally be a network of networks with best-of-breed smart technology including unified network management.

IoT For All at CES 2021: Here’s the IoT Content You Can’t Miss

From exciting new consumer product announcements to speaking sessions, here's the can't miss IoT content at CES 2021.
Drafting an IoT Patent

IoT Patenting Made Simpler

IoT has emerged as a hotbed for innovation further calling for filing of more and more patents. This article further simplifies ways in which a firm/inventor can draft and file IoT patents.
The economy will recover post-pandemic

The Post-Pandemic Economic Rebound is Dependent on Security and Trust

With a significant increase in COVID-19 related cyberattacks, implementing IoT security will be vital to post-pandemic economic recovery.
Doughnut economics and IoT

IoT and the Potential to Save the World

Heralded as the next innovation by some and an unnecessary gimmick by others, the future of the IoT space is uncertain. From sensors to artificial intelligence, IoT has the potential to save the wo...