Game of Things: GOT vs. IoT Season 1

Would Ned Stark have survived if he had Alexa?

Isabel Harner
Image Credit: HBO, Illustration by IFA

Ever since I started my job at Leverege, I’ve been immersing myself in the world of IoT. As a non-technical person, I’ve been reading up on and learning about connected devices, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

I’ve also been immersing myself in the world of Westeros. On top of attempting to memorize more acronyms than I’ve ever seen before (LPWAN, CBRS, M2M) related to IoT, I’ve also been tasked with keeping track of how all the Lannisters are related, figuring out who killed whom, where, and for what reason, and reminding myself that Khaleesi and Daenerys are the same person.

New to the very different worlds of IoT and GOT, I found myself wondering what it would be like if Arya, Jon Snow, and Daenerys had some of the IoT and related technologies we see emerging today.


Imagine if the Stark children’s direwolves were all cute little… voice assistants. Sansa, Robb, Jon, Arya, and Bran would have their own artificial intelligence robots that they carry everywhere with them. They could deliver messages for them, play games, and teach them history, language, and other skills.

Ghost, how do I apply to be a man of the Nights Watch? 

Not only would these direbots serve as the helpful voice assistants we know today, they could have helped to avoid major deaths and accidents involving some of our favorite characters.

It was heartbreaking to watch as Ned Stark’s children witnessed his death at the hands of Joffrey. But what if he had a direbot too?

You may have heard about the 2016 murder case in Arkansas where information from the suspects smart water meter was used in court along with possible recordings from his Alexa device.

If Ned Stark had an Alexa-like device on or around him at all times, he may have been able to pick up the conversation he had with Robert Baratheon and confirm that the king requested Ned serve in his place until Joffrey was of age.

Similarly, Bran’s direbot could have picked up the conversion that Jamie and Cersei were having before they pushed him out of the tower. The Stark’s would have been able to bring them to justice early on, avoiding many of the fights and deaths that arise in attempt to keep this secret.

Wearables in Westeros

Khal Drogo, also known as “my sun and stars”, suffered a similarly sad fate. In sticking up for his Khaleesi, he was cut, and that cut got infected and caused his death, which eventually led to some creepy blood magic and then suffocation via pillow.

This easily could have been prevented with the help of the wearable tech we see today. Smartwatches now can track our daily activity, sleep quality, and heart rate. As this technology progresses, it will be able to tell us our glucose levels, blood pressure, and more.

If Khal had a smart, wearable device that was monitoring his health, he and his army surely would have been able to treat him earlier on and potentially save his life, meaning Daenerys would still have her army behind her as she ventured on to reclaim her throne.

Syrio 2.0 – The Hottest VR App

With Season 1 ending with Ned’s death, I know we’re in for a long fight. I want to see my favorite characters like Arya and Jon Snow make it to the end and I know that our current AR/VR technology would help them prepare.

As much as I love Syrio Forel and would never want to see him replaced, as I was watching Arya attend her “dancing” lessons, I couldn’t help imagine how easy it would’ve been for her to train with a VR headset.

At her own convenience, she could put on the headset and would get to participate in virtual fights of different intensity and against opponents of different sizes and speeds, until she moves up level after level.

Syrio 2.0 would absolutely have to be programmed to say catchy slogans and drop bombs of wisdom at the perfect time, though. How else would we know the secret to staying alive is to keep telling death to just chill out and wait one more day?

And imagine how much this technology could have helped the men of the Night’s Watch during their training? By the end of their time training at Castle Black, they’d be the best fleet of fighters, which would no doubt help them beyond the wall and against the Lannisters.

I now hate Joffrey enough that I need to keep watching until he dies, at least. So keep an eye out for my IoT vs. GOT recap of Season 2 to follow along as I navigate the realm of IoT.

What IoT technologies can you see playing a role in GoT? Comment below!

Isabel Harner
Isabel Harner
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.