Google Cloud Platform Opens Doors for IoT Acceleration

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After the public beta of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) IoT Core was released in September, IoT companies have been strongly supporting the platform and using it to construct innovative solutions to common IoT problems.

One such IoT company, CANDI, recently released a smart buildings solution in collaboration with GCP. With their solution, data from equipment and sensors can more easily connect and transmit to devices. In a smart building, this can greatly improve energy and operating efficiency. We’ve shared the press release for the CANDI and Google Cloud Platform Collaboration below.

Overall, GCP’s IoT Core makes room for more companies to succeed with IoT. It helps reduce the cost and workload for third-party software and services, allowing companies in analytics, operations, or business intelligence, to more easily deploy IoT products without having to tackle the tricky issue of device communications. We’ll be sharing more on GCP’s products in the coming weeks as we investigate.

Press Release – CANDI Collaborates with Google Cloud to Simplify the Connection of Smart Building Devices and Data to Apps

Oakland, Calif., November 16, 2017 – CANDI today announced its collaboration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the launch of a new solution that simplifies the connection of smart building devices and data to apps. Through the integration of Google Pub/Sub and CANDI’s PowerTools, IoT developers and service providers can more easily connect to edge data, link directly into Google’s Cloud Platform toolset, and drive business value across the IoT ecosystem. The solution is designed with out-of-the-box support for smart buildings, which includes reference designs and sensor kits for energy, HVAC, and equipment management using Intel® BMP gateways.

By normalizing edge data across different devices and protocols, and delivering that data through Google Pub/Sub’s central access point, the CANDI-Google solution significantly reduces the cost and workload for third-party software and services to compete in the IoT marketplace. Now, companies that specialize in business intelligence, analytics, operations, and systems management can deploy scalable products faster without having to tackle the difficult challenges of device-level communications or edge-to-cloud connectivity, which is managed by CANDI software.

We’re accelerating IoT market growth through our collaboration with Google Cloud by simplifying complex connections to devices and data,” said Steve Raschke, CEO of CANDI. “Google Cloud Platform gives our customers a more secure, centralized channel for effortless access to their data, a pre-integrated suite of world-class analytics tools, and the solid foundation of Google’s global infrastructure.”

Available today to developers and systems integrators, the solution is initially targeted at smart buildings where data from equipment and sensors can improve operating efficiency. Legacy equipment and next-generation devices using BACnet, ZigBee, Modbus, IP/Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, powerline, and other protocols are supported. End-to-end reference designs include sensor kits based on Applications such as energy monitoring, submetering, BMS and HVAC equipment monitoring, and thermostat and lighting control.

At the edge, CANDI-powered gateways – by AdvantechLogic SupplySystech and others – use PowerTools software to manage devices and normalize data. The gateways link to Google Cloud Platform, where Google Pub/Sub acts as the central access point for any IoT app or service to authenticate and connect to the devices and data. Google Cloud and software partners such as Leverege and Altair provide analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence software. Interested parties can contact CANDI at [email protected] to participate or learn more.

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CANDI is disrupting the cost and scalability limitations of the smart building market. Its innovative, open technology easily and cost-effectively connects devices and data to the services that create smart buildings. CANDI PowerTools software is built into Intel® BMP and other leading, low-cost Internet of Things gateways, enabling building managers, systems integrators and enterprise service providers to instantly integrate communication with legacy building systems and next-generation sensors and devices.

CANDI handles the complex protocol and networking problems required to integrate device communications, and provides a secure cloud operations center so that customers can deploy and manage multiple locations and assets using popular smart building services — quickly, easily, and with improved ROI. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

IoT For All News Team
IoT For All News Team
The News Team curates the top news from around the web, helping you to stay up-to-date on what's important!
The News Team curates the top news from around the web, helping you to stay up-to-date on what's important!