How Can Augmented Reality Benefit the Interior Design Industry?

Chirag Leuva
How Can Augmented Reality Benefit the Interior Design Industry?
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Augmented Reality and interior design are industries that are gaining a lot of attention. The reason is quite simple: people are becoming smart, adapting tech, and realizing its implementation. Living in a home conveys your characteristics strongly. A home represents you, is made according to your demands, and reflects your personality. Augmented reality makes it much more convenient for designers to achieve their dream.

“Augmented reality makes it much more convenient for designers to achieve their dream.”

What is AR?

Augmented reality helps you to overlay a digital object, a character, or an entire structured world in the real world. It is a technology that creates a bridge between the computer-generated world and the real world. Experts have always emphasized its ability to provide a futuristic experience.

In 2015, only 200 million people were aware of augmented reality and accepted it. The numbers have seen a significant elevation. As per a report provided by Statista, the global mobile-based AR user data will reach 1.7 billion. Of course, the reason is largely due to smartphone devices being a cost-efficient means of access to the world of augmented reality.

 Number of Users in Billion Vs Years
Number of Users

A device is a must when it comes to implementing an augmented model. These augmented visuals are designed, developed, and deployed carefully to match real-life aspects. Slowly, the use of augmented reality is being shifted towards practical applications. Up until now, it was only used for entertainment purposes such as games that fabricated a virtual ecosystem full of immersive qualities. Soon experts realized how it can completely change the way we perceive information.

AR & Interior Design

The interior design industry is related to infusing artistic values and scientific knowledge for unlocking a perfectly balanced place. A home that utilizes trending technologies and resources to build a place gives shape to your personalized creation.

The industry has often invested in technology that could give them a futuristic edge to meet consumer demand. A trajectory cites that around 50 percent of the industry will start using augmented reality for various purposes. AR can help customers visualize their homes or help an artistic digital create an augmented environment around them. So, technology has been proven in changing the way the interior design industry functions.

AR Applications in Interior Design

Product Visualization

AR offers a digital walkthrough that lets you visualize your space in the real world. It is similar to entering an empty apartment without decoration, furniture, or a household. But in the augmented world, you will be able to see an apartment full of those things.

AR includes overlaying 3D Models, objects, and spaces that are alterable with one single swipe or click. You can alter the paint, the ceiling art, the kitchen, and the furniture lying around while writing AR. It allows the buyer to unlock plenty of options.

Data & Measurement

AR technology can gather data too. It scans the entire area to overlay the object and projects it with the same measurements.

Augmented reality also helps with collecting data for your interior designer to craft the best option. The designer can use gears like a simple AR-enabled stylus and headset to design a 3D environment and models.


Interior designing firms are using AR-enabled to cater to customer needs. A 3D environment building software lets a group of designers work together simultaneously. A device can unlock the full potential of augmented reality and establish a connection between buyers, sellers, and interior designers. It sparks a collaborative effort to elevate the result.

Points Table
AR in Interior Design

Benefits of AR

  1. Improves Training: Augmented reality can create a completely different world for newbies who are trying to explore their specialty. They can practice and gather in-depth experience in a simulation. The errors they make and the challenges they face won’t affect the result of a larger project.

  2. Enhances Productivity: Through collaboration and allowing designers to grasp project-related information quickly, productivity increases. Designers don’t need to worry about the perfect result as it becomes a trial and error method until your buyer is satisfied.

  3. Modernistic Customer Engagement: An immersive experience that truly extends the boundary of visualization. The user can leverage this type of digital world, improving your customer engagement quality.

AR Devices


These are the best and most cost-efficient mediums through which one can tap into the AR-enabled world. There are AR applications available to project the object in real life as one observes it from a screen. They are used by e-commerce and interior designing websites or applications.

AR Device
AR & Smart Phones

AR Glasses

Augmented reality glasses are something that changes the whole narrative of the technology. They allow you to visualize the object in the real world through the glass. However, they are still fully developed to be called smart AR glasses.

Wearable Device
AR Glasses


Headsets are wearable devices that can project objects overlaying them in the real world. They are used by interior designers for demo mode, presenting an opportunity for customers to visualize their houses effectively and understand how to make the changes.

AR Headset
AR Headsets

Perceive & Project Information

Augmented reality is a transcending technology. It is a breakthrough that will redefine how we perceive and project information. To fully grasp the benefits, it is recommended to contact a consulting service.

The practical use of augmented reality in interior designs is still being explored. But the most proficient ones have already been discovered. Tech giants are looking to research the subject in depth and have invested quite a lot of resources. Interior designers have sufficiently leveraged the technology, but time will surely tell us how far-reaching it will prove for other industries.

Chirag Leuva
Chirag Leuva - Co-Founder & CEO, Yudiz Solutions Ltd.
Chirag Leuva is one of the Co-founders of Yudiz Solutions Ltd, a leading Game Development Company. He is a tech enthusiast and likes exploring new technology. His motto is “Become the very best...
Chirag Leuva is one of the Co-founders of Yudiz Solutions Ltd, a leading Game Development Company. He is a tech enthusiast and likes exploring new technology. His motto is “Become the very best...