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The Internet of Things has become an integral part of business around the world. Irrespective of the socio-economic state, all industries have realized the importance of incorporating IoT-enabled technologies to enhance and streamline critical processes that support critical industrial processes. To build on this growing IoT adoption within the industry, we’re finding certain IoT applications present themselves as front runners to provide newly enhanced value for organizations. In the following sections, we’ll give a brief overview of how IoT is reshaping surveillance and assess how this may impact the future of organizations around the world.

IoT and Surveillance

Due to the rising challenges around physical theft and misuse over the past decade, traditional surveillance systems are incapable of providing top-notch security to facilities. Whether it’s through poor real-time monitoring or subpar analytics, these more rudimentary systems miss the mark when it comes to effective surveillance.

Surveillance IoT systems, equipped with smart devices, secure networks and gateways, and cloud platforms provide real-time storage and live streaming abilities. By enhancing the traditional surveillance model, surveillance IoT systems can capture more detailed analytics and real-time monitoring processes that can limit the risk of foul play many organizations face today. 


IoT-enabled intelligent sensors and cameras are also making incredible headway in analytics with the space of surveillance. Through these IoT-enabled devices, organizations can gain access to unprecedented amounts of data to understand how these industrial processes are fair.

Further, rather than capturing footage for an entire day, an IoT-enabled system can detect if any unauthorized activity is taking place in real-time, sending snapshots for a specified time period alone. This process saves time by limiting the user’s need to look through the entire day’s data, freeing up resources to be applied to other projects.

Absolute Visibility

Industry 4.0 established an environment of complete visibility over the actions and operations in a facility and the data stored over the cloud. Authorized users can easily access their sites, monitor the processes and employee performance, receive real-time notifications in case of any deviations in performance or unauthorized activity. This level of visibility, access to real-time monitoring, and analytics provide a new meaning to real-time visibility, even offering alerts regarding downtime of devices connected to the surveillance IoT system.

Scalable Structure

One major issue that business owners have voiced in the past is maintenance and management system restrictions. Fortunately, the IoT-led industrial revolution of the 20th century has been able to put a lot of these concerns to rest. Today, AI and IoT-based systems are scalable, capable of managing a fleet of devices independent of the enterprise’s surveillance requirements. That is to say, that a small business with 3 IP cameras and a motion detection sensor attached to a cloud-based surveillance system can expand the same security system to handle 20 cameras and different automation and maintenance mechanisms.


Security surveillance solutions have been transformed in terms of technological advancement through the use of smart self-analytic sensors and how far the security infrastructure can support a business’s expansion. Today’s present-day solutions are personalized according to the business’s unique requirements. For example, a manufacturing facility might develop a customized system that enables the organization to maintain and control the unit’s right temperature and humidity levels. This ability to customize these unique IoT-enabled surveillance systems allows for greater flexibility and control that are not available in traditional surveillance technologies.

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Guest Writer
Guest writers are IoT experts and enthusiasts interested in sharing their insights with the IoT industry through IoT For All.
Guest writers are IoT experts and enthusiasts interested in sharing their insights with the IoT industry through IoT For All.