New Smart Home Products from Nest – Nest Hello and Nest Secure

New products like Nest Hello and Nest Secure aren't groundbreaking and competitors already exist, but they help Nest expand its smart home portfolio.

Image Credit: Nest (Google)

Nest has just unveiled a new set of products for the smart home, including a wireless video doorbell called Nest Hello, and outdoor version of the Nest Cam IQ, and a security system called Nest Secure.

Nest Hello is a smart doorbell that can be trained to recognize faces and lets you monitor and respond remotely on your smartphone.

The outdoor version of Nest Cam IQ is exactly what it sounds like, an outdoor version of Nest’s security camera, which also recognizes friendly or unfamiliar faces.

And Nest Secure is a full-fledged security system which includes a motion sensor and hub called Nest Guard, sensors for doors and windows called Nest Detect, and a key fob called Nest Tag which lets the system know that you’re a trusted person.

Although none of these are groundbreaking and competitive options already exist, these products help Nest to expand its smart home portfolio to offer a more complete, integrated system.

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