New Opportunities for IoT Deployments and Sustainability

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Since the Industrial Revolution, the world has experienced rapid technological growth. As a result our society has been benefiting from the enhanced well – being. However, the enhanced technology and its rapid evolution also had some serious side effects, including the rise in CO2 emissions and global warming. These problems are currently top priorities for world leaders. For the enterprise, these circumstances can translate into big opportunities, new revenue streams, and profitability in the long run especially if sustainability practices are utilized. 


IoT devices already play an important role in business sustainability strategies. The number of connected devices has grown significantly in recent years. For example, in such applications as manufacturing, IoT deployments and sensors can improve overall efficiency and enable just-in-time operations. 

The result of improved processes within a manufacturing company can also lead to more effective waste management, lower carbon footprint, and in some cases, even additional revenue streams. 

Sensors within a manufacturing plant can be deployed in multiple areas, including conveyor belts for tracking the manufacturing goods or produced packaging. IoT sensors could also be deployed on electrical motors so that predictive maintenance could be ensured and manufacturing companies could avoid potential downtime and costs related to it. Lithium-Ion batteries currently power most IoT sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, or vibrations.

Energy Harvesting

If your company already has a sustainability strategy and strives to modernize its processes with IoT infrastructure and sensors, it would be advisable to check upon various energy harvesting solutions that power IoT sensors currently available on the market. Various energy harvesting techniques extend the sensor lifetime. Additionally, it allows saving on the company’s costs that otherwise would be related to sensor infrastructure maintenance. Because IoT sensors with Lithium-Ion batteries require replacements once in a while, that is neither environmentally friendly nor beneficial to any company’s resources. 

Several vibration harvesting techniques are currently available, including vibration energy harvesting, solar, RF energy, wind. In a manufacturing plant, the most cost-efficient energy harvesting method for powering IoT sensors is vibrations energy harvesting. However, it is not suitable for places where vibrations are not present. Yet if we get back to the electrical motor example, deploying IoT sensors like Viezo that measure temperature and vibrations can help to save your company’s OPEX. 

Additionally, when the sensor actually identifies when the maintenance for the machinery is needed, such an approach facilitates a circular economy concept, since this way, the product lifespan can be extended. And again, when politicians and lawmakers talk sustainability, they talk about a circular economy.


Currently, COVID-19 is the main focus for businesses. The public and private sectors have experienced a rethinking of the economy and society. Remote work and less travel have had a positive impact on overall CO2 emissions. The pandemic became a catalyst for more sustainable business operations. Many companies have been forced to rethink how their resources could be used in a more sustainable fashion, so that value for the customers remained the same, or could even be increased. 

IoT deployments will continue to play a major role in reducing global CO2 emissions. Applications like health and travel will require a highly dependent real-time monitoring and effective coordination of data in the post-pandemic IoT era. Companies will continue seeking IoT solutions that allow them to increase operational efficiency and pursue clean-tech alternatives. These innovations will provide a huge add-on to companies that will drive extra value to their brands.

Viezo focus is to get rid of batteries in the IIoT field with their patent pending PolyFilm™ technology. The Viezo team is the creator of the most powerful and versatile PVDF vibration harvester currently available on the market.
Viezo focus is to get rid of batteries in the IIoT field with their patent pending PolyFilm™ technology. The Viezo team is the creator of the most powerful and versatile PVDF vibration harvester currently available on the market.