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The Future of MQTT: Harnessing the Power of Serverless Computing for IoT Connect...
If you're looking for a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective MQTT messaging platform, look no further than EMQX Cloud Serverless.
EMQ Technologies Inc. Mar 28, 2023
Remote Management
Keysight Introduces Battery Emulator and Profiler for IoT Devices
Keysight introduces the Battery Emulator and Profiler to identify the impact of variables affecting the battery drain of IoT.
IoT For All Mar 27, 2023
MSA FieldServer™ Gateway’s EtherNet/IP Driver Is ODVA® Certified
The MSA FieldServer Gateway’s EtherNet/IP™ Driver has received ODVA conformance for seamless interoperability of automation & safety systems.
MSA Safety Mar 24, 2023
EMQX Wins the Winter 2023 Leader Award in MQTT Brokers from SourceForge
EMQX is proud to be a winner of the 2023 Leader award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website.
EMQ Technologies Inc. Mar 22, 2023
Artificial Intelligence
DAIN Studios Releases the First Generative AI Use Case Canvas
DAIN Studios introduces Generative AI Canvas to help businesses discover the potential of AI, offering workshops/training to employees.
DAIN Studios Mar 22, 2023
UnaBiz Partners with LORIOT
Unabiz and LORIOT parter to develop multi-protocol solutions for large-scale IoT deployments for customers across a range of industries.
UnaBiz Mar 22, 2023
IoT Platforms
Leverege Connect is the Ideal Replacement for Google IoT Core
Leverege’s Google Cloud-native IoT Stack provides a smooth product migration path for customers replacing Google IoT Core and other IoT data transport mechanisms.
Leverege Mar 21, 2023
EMQX Cloud Announces the Release of Serverless MQTT Service to Accelerate IoT Pr...
EMQ is excited to announce that its EMQX Cloud Serverless is available in Beta. As a fully managed, serverless, cloud-native MQTT service, EMQX Cloud Serverless favors rapid delivery and constant inno...
EMQ Technologies Inc. Mar 20, 2023
LoRa Alliance® Launches LoRaWAN® Accredited Professional Program
Individuals who pass the LoRaWAN® Accredited Professional Program will have demonstrated advanced knowledge of the LoRaWAN standard.
LoRa Alliance Mar 17, 2023
OnLogic Launches Helix 401 Compact Fanless Computer
The OnLogic Helix 401 is powered by Intel 12th Gen processing and is the smallest device in OnLogic's Helix Series of industrial computers.
IoT For All Mar 16, 2023
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