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Indoor Navigation
GeoComm & NextNav Partner To Improve Emergency Response
GeoCom announces a new partnership with NextNav, a leader in z-axis vertical positioning, to improve emergency response
NextNav Aug 12, 2022
SOTI Healthcare Report: Accelerated Digitization and Security Concerns
SOTI's healthcare report 2022 shows that 98% of global healthcare providers have implemented IoT technologies amid data security concerns.
IoT For All Aug 11, 2022
Location Technology
NextNav, Vos Systems Partner to Bring Vertical Location Technology Solution
NextNav has partnered with VOS Systems to bring vertical location capabilities to its CoRe™ product line through NextNav’s Pinnacle service.
NextNav Aug 11, 2022
1oT: First Telecom-Independent Global Connectivity Provider to Launch eSIM Infra...
1oT is the first telecom-independent global connectivity provider to build an eSIM infrastructure in Estonia.
1oT Aug 10, 2022
Cloud Software
Wiliot Named a 2022 “Cool Vendor” by Gartner
Wiliot, a SaaS company whose platform connects the digital and physical worlds, has been named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner.
IoT For All Aug 9, 2022
SOC 2 Compliance Secured by MultiTech
Two of MultiTech's devices have secured SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, a rigorous compliance standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
MultiTech Aug 8, 2022
Asset Tracking
Momentum IoT’s Toolie is A ‘Fitbit’ for Tools 
Momentum IoT's Toolie™ tracks both equipment and worker productivity and enables managers to visualize employee activity remotely without a phone.
IoT For All Aug 5, 2022
Information and Media
MobiDev on the Role of ML for Marketing
Machine learning in marketing from the view point of marketing professionals & AI engineers to see how ML algorithms can improve marketing.
MobiDev Aug 4, 2022
Smart Manufacturing
MobiDev Explores Defect Detection in Manufacturing
MobiDev dives into their approach to unsupervised learning in AI defect detection models in manufacturing.
MobiDev Aug 3, 2022
Mobidev Applies AI for Dementia Diagnosis
MobiDev applies AI for dementia diagnosis by looking into symptoms such as communicative and reasoning problems.
MobiDev Aug 3, 2022
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