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Soracom Adds Native Satellite Support to Global IoT Connectivity Platform
Soracom announced it has expanded its IoT connectivity offerings to include native satellite support to global IoT connectivity platform.
Soracom Dec 1, 2022
Eseye Predicts Seismic Changes for IoT in 2023
Eseye predicts seismic changes for IoT in 2023 as the industry hits an inflection point with ever-changing use cases.
Eseye Dec 1, 2022
Artificial Intelligence
Veego’s New Software Helps CSPs Overcome Internet Subscriber Onboarding Is...
Veego gives Communication Service Providers (CSPs) the insights and automation to ensure a higher quality of experience for new subscribers.
Editorial Team Nov 30, 2022
Data Analytics
Equalum Unveils Competitive Replacement Program for CDC Solutions
The Equalum Competitive Replacement Program brings the company’s powerful Change Data Capture (CDC) solution to users of legacy solutions.
IoT For All Nov 23, 2022
Sony Semiconductor Israel Launches ALT1350 Chipset
Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony), a leading provider of cellular IoT chipsets, announced the launch of the ALT1350 for the global market.
IoT For All Nov 23, 2022
CerebrumX to Use Ford Connected Vehicle Data
Using the CerebrumX platform, insurers can offer end-to-end UBI programs with a reduced time to market and cost advantage.
IoT For All Nov 22, 2022
Event Coverage
IoT Tech Expo Global is Just 2 Weeks Away!
IoT Tech Expo Global will take place at Olympia, London over the course of two days, on December 1st and 2nd, 2022.
TechEx Nov 22, 2022
Press Release
EBDVF: Next Generation Platforms for Europe’s Cloud Continuum
EDVF22 will focus on next-generation platforms for Europe’s cloud continuum and target the Technology, Platforms and Impact track.
IoT For All Nov 21, 2022
Smart Building
Microshare: Exclusive North America Reseller of Skiply
IoT data firm Microshare has become the exclusive North America reseller of customer feedback devices by Skiply, a French manufacturer.
Microshare Nov 21, 2022
Smart Building
4,400 Milesight Sensors Placed in Canadian Buildings
Milesight partners with Peak Power to accelerate Canadian legacy buildings transformation and new smart building deployment.
IoT For All Nov 18, 2022
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