Armor Solar Power Films Enters The IoT Market With Its Innovative OPV System and Wüst Technology is the First to Benefit

Armor Solar Power Films

The Franco-German industrialist, ARMOR solar power films (ARMOR Group) is proud to announce its participation in the installation of a monitoring system that tracks changes in atmospheric conditions, such as, humidity and temperature, at Wüst Technology. The electronic system connected to sensors, designed entirely by ARMOR solar power films, is powered by ARMORS’s ASCA® Organic Photovoltaic Film (OPV), which is especially efficient for low-light environments. As the upgraded version of what already exists on the market, the system can be set up, without any battery or cable, providing a simple, low maintenance solution which works perfectly in an industrial environment.

 A Successful System Installation

A pilot system for monitoring atmospheric data was set up in fall 2020 at the German electronics specialist manufacturer Wüst Technology GmbH. A system of ten small sensors were installed in different spots of the 2,000 square meter production site of the company, in order to monitor temperature and humidity levels during production. These sensors, installed with the OPV ASCA® film are self-sufficient, and thanks to the electronic system are continuously supplied in energy for 24-hour use. They are simple to install, since they do not require a battery or a cable, thus resulting in a decrease of maintenance costs and an increase in production quality.

A Game Changer For Wüst Technology

Located in Straßlach near Munich, Wüst Technology GmbH stands for precision tool making and mold making, as well as injection molding of plastics with micro-precision. As a competence center for the processing of high-performance plastics, they offer all services related to precision injection molding such as overmolding technology, inductive elements, printed circuit board assembly as well as partial and complete installation of component assemblies. The company can compare the quality of the production with the atmospheric data collected by the sensors powered by ARMOR solar power films’ solution. The sensors are also accessible to different users, which means that the atmospheric parameters of the manufacturing site can be adjusted in real time, if necessary. In addition to this, the electronic system was custom-designed for Wüst Technology’s precise production needs and specifications.

Stefan Götz, Sales Director at Wüst Technology: “This installation is a real success and a big step forward for us. We produce micro-precision pieces that are particularly sensitive to atmospheric conditions during their manufacture. The innovation of ARMOR solar power films has the advantage of allowing us to focus on our core activity and to adapt our production according to the data collected in real time, without having to worry about the maintenance of the sensors.”

OPV Meets IoT

The three main advantages of the ARMOR solar power films ASCA® OPV film are:

  • Extreme sensitivity to light: It is particularly effective in low-light environments (>200 lux)
  • ARMOR’s unique free-form process: It can take on any shape
  • Ultra Flexibility: Very thin and flexible (2.5cm radius of curvature), it fits perfectly into existing electronic units and can adapt to new ones.

These state-of-the-art features make OPV films an important and significantly valuable module for IoT objects, like atmospheric sensors for example.

“Today, our photovoltaic organic technology has surpassed the IoT market. We set up a team of engineers committed to the mechanical and electronic integration of our OPV solutions for our partners’ products. Consequently, we can now accompany them on their goal towards creating energy self-sufficient objects. “ John Fiske, Business Development Manager – ASCA® Sensor at ARMOR solar power films.

“We are delighted with the latest autonomy developments for connected objects. We aim to create new partnerships that will lead to the implementation of energy solutions for the IoT market that are easy to install and that have a reduced impact on the environment.” Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO at ARMOR Group.

ARMOR solar power films encourage IoT innovations with the ASCA® Challenge 2020 – Internet of Things. Applicants have until December 31, 2020 to submit their applications via the website,, in English only. The awards will be presented in January 2021, however, the details will be communicated at a later date.

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