BugProve Launches Pro Package Tailored for SMB IoT Manufacturers' Cybersecurity Needs


After a year on the market and engaging with embedded manufacturers across various industries, BugProve has unveiled a new Pro Package aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized manufacturers in the realm of IoT cybersecurity.

“We had lots of conversations last year with manufacturers, and we have seen a shared intent among companies, big and small, to improve their cybersecurity measures. However, a significant barrier emerged – a shortage of resources and security professionals.”

Attila Szasz, Founder and CEO at BugProve. 

Recognizing this gap, the company has crafted a solution that not only meets the specific needs of smaller enterprises but also empowers them to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Key Insights:

  1. Companies prefer tailored plans over simplicity, particularly in the current economic climate.
  2. Smaller companies aspire to prioritize cybersecurity but face challenges in implementation due to limited resources and expertise.
  3. Product monitoring is crucial for securing product lines and preparing for new compliance requirements, a feature smaller companies eagerly seek.

Responding to these insights, BugProve introduces the Pro Package, featuring:

  • Smaller entry point in price.
  • Firmware scans including zero-day analysis to secure one or two product lines
  • Inclusion of product monitoring functionality. This means manufacturers get alerts when a newly discovered vulnerability affects components used in their products.
  • Integration capability with existing development processes through the provided API.
  • 2-hour personal onboarding training for a seamless start.

This entry point, starting at $700 per month, caters specifically to smaller organizations with a few products in one or two product lines. BugProve recognizes the importance of ongoing support and offers additional options, including cybersecurity training for security and development teams.

“This Pro Package represents our commitment to inclusivity in securing IoT products,” said Attila. “We aim to bridge the gap by providing affordable and tailored solutions to empower everyone in their cybersecurity journey.”

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Automated firmware analysis platform to identify known and 0-day vulnerabilities and to support your compliance needs.
Automated firmware analysis platform to identify known and 0-day vulnerabilities and to support your compliance needs.