BugProve Releases On-Premise Firmware Analysis & Vulnerability Management Platform


BugProve, a European cybersecurity startup, providing automated vulnerability management solutions for IoT manufacturers, announces the release of the on-premise version of its firmware analysis platform.

In an era marked by escalating cyber threats and stringent regulatory standards, the impending rollout of EU CRA, RED, and the US Cyber Trust Mark underscores the critical importance for manufacturers to fortify their products against vulnerabilities. These forthcoming regulations are set to usher in a new era of compliance demands, compelling manufacturers to adopt robust cybersecurity measures to stay in these lucrative markets.

While cloud-based solutions related to all sorts of security testing have gained popularity in recent years, BugProve recognizes that certain industries and organizations require on-premise options to meet their security and compliance policies effectively.

“With the increasing complexity of cyber threats, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. Our on-premise version empowers organizations to maintain full control over their security infrastructure while benefiting from our advanced automated firmware analysis and vulnerability management capabilities.”

Attila Szasz, founder and CEO of BugProve

The key features necessary for product vulnerability management are fully accessible in the self-hosted version as well.

  1. Supply Chain Risk Management: Identifying components, known vulnerabilities, and extracting SBOM to mitigate risks across the supply chain.
  2. Zero-Day Vulnerability Scanning: Conducting comprehensive scans of firmware to detect zero-day vulnerabilities preferably before products hit the market and ensure adherence to secure coding best practices.
  3. Compliance Documentation: Tracking and documenting product security efforts to streamline compliance requirements.

BugProve’s on-premise firmware analysis platform is now available through custom plans tailored to suit the specific requirements of each client. Air-gapped setup is also supported, which is common for audited security laboratories and R&D centers that need an environment completely off-grid.  

If you need more information, check out their official announcement or their pricing page

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Automated firmware analysis platform to identify known and 0-day vulnerabilities and to support your compliance needs.
Automated firmware analysis platform to identify known and 0-day vulnerabilities and to support your compliance needs.