Golioth Secures Seed Funding to Accelerate Time-to-Market for IoT


Golioth, a leading developer platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced open access to a library of new reference designs for embedded engineers to accelerate their time to market, the launch of a Select Partner Program for energy and construction developers, and the completion of a $4.6M round of seed funding led by Blackhorn Ventures and Differential Ventures with participation from existing investors, Zetta Venture PartnersMongoDB Ventures and Lorimer Ventures

The funding will help establish the Golioth IoT cloud platform more firmly with embedded engineers by expanding on the Golioth ecosystem partners to enable new use cases, extending the platform to further accelerate time to production, and reaching out to new markets and industries. All of this activity builds toward the company’s goal of solving the biggest problem in IoT infrastructure – untangling the messy middle between hardware and the cloud.

A Fresh Look at the Biggest Problem in IoT
Almost two years ago when Golioth announced their pre-seed funding, founder Jonathan Beri, who has more than a decade of experience building developer platforms at Google, Nest and Particle, set out to answer the question, “How do you bring 30.9B devices online?” This fundamental question, key to making an impact on the climate crisis and ensuring the resiliency of digital infrastructure systems like the electric grid, still drives Golioth today. 

“Golioth’s vision is to empower engineers to help connect ‘sand’ to the internet in the safest, fastest, and most efficient way possible.  By providing our library of reference design for free to this vibrant community, and integrating with our partner network, we’re excited to help scale the most impactful solutions across real estate and construction, transportation and logistics, retail and energy.” (Among embedded engineers, “sand” is often used as a playful reference to the silicon in embedded chips.)  

Jonathan Beri, Founder of Golioth

“Golioth is a powerful developer platform enabling a paradigm shift in IoT innovation by lowering barriers that companies face for developing new devices, and updating existing ones. The democratization of IoT capacity will empower all companies to fully adopt and embrace the world changing power of IoT. We’re optimistic about the potential for connected devices to drastically lower GHG emissions, and are particularly bullish on the manufacturing, EV, and utilities spaces, all of which Golioth is making headway into. We see Golioth as a critical enabling technology, catalyzing a new generation of connected devices.”

Phil O’Connor, Managing Partner at Blackhorn Ventures

“The complexity associated with building connected devices has long been a barrier to realizing the full value of installed hardware in critical parts of the economy such as energy, utilities, and transportation. Golioth’s solutions will unlock that value for companies of all sizes by enabling easier development and rapid time-to-market for connected devices.”

Nick Adams, Managing Partner of Differential Ventures

Golioth empowers engineers to build secure, reliable, and flexible IoT infrastructure so they can connect devices and move from prototype to production in minutes, instead of months.  Their platform includes tooling and workflows for securing devices, sending software updates over the air, and routing data to the web, unlike other developer platforms which often restrict engineers from their hardware and connectivity of choice, require them to assemble all the components on the cloud themselves, and place the burden of IoT security on developers. 

Helping Engineers Get Ahead With the Right References
So what does “building faster” look like in the eyes of Golioth? It includes working with partners and companies to build a more resilient platform for industries including climate and energy, shipping and logistics, micromobility, building automation, and others.  And with the IoT market expected to hit over $2.7T by 2028, engineers will need a lot of support.

To support embedded engineers in these areas, Golioth created a library of free reference designs using their platform including:

Golioth’s tight integrations with companies like Nordic Semiconductor, Infineon, NXP Semiconductor, Ubidots and more, will let engineers build with better support, seamless integrations, and faster enablement for all types of projects. In particular Golioth sees  increasing usage in cellular IoT, 5G, and Thread as the driving force for IoT applications that enable resource efficiency in use cases such as energy and utilities, environmental cases, micromobility and others. 

As part of this announcement, Golioth is launching its Select Partner Program, which will accept 15 new design partners building solutions for the energy and utility sector, and 15 design partners building solutions for the construction industry by June 1st. To learn more and submit your company as a Select Partner, go here.

For inquiries, please email press@golioth.io

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Golioth is a straightforward commercial IoT development platform built for scale. Speed up development and increase the chances that your pilots will be put into production with a full featured platform of firmware, services & cloud management.
Golioth is a straightforward commercial IoT development platform built for scale. Speed up development and increase the chances that your pilots will be put into production with a full featured platform of firmware, services & cloud management.