Start with One Device: IoT Managed Services for Forward and Reverse Logistics

Device management
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Successful IoT deployments require expertise and skill across all ecosystem areas, from hardware to software to security, throughout the entire lifecycle from solution design to end-of-life. Most enterprises lack the internal resources needed to ensure success for their IoT initiatives. In addition to staff limitations, many organizations don’t have the experience or expertise to identify and overcome configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance challenges.

So how is an organization supposed to deploy successful IoT solutions? By starting with one device and working with a partner who pays close attention to seemingly small details, such as having additional hardware ready in case of a failure, getting devices into the field swiftly, and efficient supply chain management. IoT managed services providers help enterprises do just that through a full suite of forward and reverse logistics that streamline operations and simplify the complexity of IoT deployments.

Forward Logistics

Getting IoT devices out of the warehouse and into the field is more complex than many realize. An expert IoT managed services provider does more than just ship devices; they manage all aspects of forwarding logistics, including forecasting, order management, configuration management, supply chain management, asset management, and global import/export management.

  • Forecasting helps companies effectively predict future endpoint quantities for a more efficient supply chain.
  • Order management ensures a streamlined supply chain with accurate ordering that eliminates inventory issues.
  • Configuration management includes the configuration of software settings, installation of SIMs, updates of firmware, integration of accessories, and more.
  • Supply chain management simplifies the process of getting enterprises the equipment they need for their IoT solutions.
  • Asset management is an end-to-end solution that enables several robust capabilities, including monitoring of temperature, tilt, humidity, shock, and waypoint deviation to ensure IoT devices arrive on time and in proper condition.
  • Global import and export management is critical to meeting compliance and regulations involved in global supply chains and streamlining the process.

Reverse Logistics

Sustaining an IoT initiative over time requires a broad range of services that are closely related to their initial deployment counterparts.

  • Reverse logistics includes elements such as advanced managed services, migration services, returns management/asset recovery, advanced exchange, end-of-life management, and OEM warranty management.
  • Advanced managed services validate endpoint failures, identify the next steps, and expedite the correct resolution to minimize downtime.
  • Migration services help move devices from legacy networks with minimal disruption, as well as providing future-proof technology.
  • Returns management and asset recovery include working directly with manufacturers so there’s no need to worry about assembling or configuring replacement devices.
  • Advanced exchange entails expediting the replacement of non-functioning endpoint components with same-day shipping of fully configured replacements to mitigate business downtime and reduce the costs associated with it.
  • End-of-life management includes the collection, sanitization, and recycling or disposing of decommissioned devices in a secure way that keeps data safe.
  • OEM warranty management includes processing claims, collecting the malfunctioning endpoint from the field, confirming an active warranty against customer records, troubleshooting directly with the manufacturer, and redeploying the device as soon as it’s ready.

Expert IoT Managed Services

It’s easy for companies to get overwhelmed with the details of IoT deployment logistics. By starting with one device and working with a trusted IoT expert, it’s possible to ensure success with a full suite of IoT managed services that include forward and reverse logistics.

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KORE, the global leader in IoT, helps simplify the complexity of IoT with streamlined, comprehensive solutions to empower organizations to deploy, manage, and scale IoT.
KORE, the global leader in IoT, helps simplify the complexity of IoT with streamlined, comprehensive solutions to empower organizations to deploy, manage, and scale IoT.