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Big Data
Open Data and IoT
Using open data sources like converting device coordinates into useful location information allows for increased flexibility while also significantly reducing IoT operators' costs.
Guest Writer Feb 26, 2021
Data Pandemic: How the COVID-19 Crisis Exposed a Critical Weakness in the Nation...
Without better data pipelines, we can expect that our future responses to pandemics, such as the Coronavirus and other disasters, may also be disasters in their own right.
Guest Writer Feb 26, 2021
Device Management
Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Firmware Updates
Reducing the cost, complexity, and time required to deliver secure firmware updates is possible with the help of the Internet of Things.
IoTerop Feb 26, 2021
Remote Management
Robotics Against Pollution: How Can Robots Help Take Care of the Environment?
Robots are helping the environment by assisting green initiatives such as the alleviation of air pollution and planting trees.
Don Basile Feb 25, 2021
Internet of Things
7 Reasons to Invest in IoT Application Development
Discover top IoT applications, reasons why companies are adopting IoT, and the benefits they receive from IoT implementation.
Guest Writer Feb 25, 2021
How AI Is Transforming Manufacturing and Industrial IoT
Many organizations adopt various AI algorithms for their IIoT applications to make decisions in real-time and transform their business.
MobiDev Feb 24, 2021
Machine Learning
What is the Difference Between AI, ML, and Deep Learning?
Learn the difference between Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning.
Guest Writer Feb 24, 2021
Enterprise Category Theory: How the Haven Failure Is Not Isolated To Healthcare
Most companies are already using data integration, but poorly. Businesses are now taking advantage of Enterprise Category Theory for quick and effective data integration using advanced AI.
Guest Writer Feb 24, 2021
Machine Learning
Machine Learning Model Analysis Using TensorBoard
Machine Learning is growing by leaps and bounds, with new neural network models being released regularly. TensorBoard can help with the development and training process.
Guest Writer Feb 23, 2021
Why Virtualization is Critical to Mobile Networks
Mobile networks have historically been built using specialized hardware adapted to specific tasks. As technology advances, the next level of telco virtualization will mean utilizing high-capacity meta...
Gregory Gundelfinger Feb 23, 2021