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Artificial Intelligence
Building Smarter Apps Using Mobile Artificial Intelligence
As mobile processors integrate AI-friendly features, the AI capabilities of first and third-party applications will drastically improve. 
MobiDev May 20, 2022
Asset Tracking
How Can Nested Lifecycles Impact Industrial Asset Management?
Smart technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), brings with it compelling innovation, but with a very different lifecycle. This is having a strong impact on industrial lifecycle management. Co...
Matthew Anderson May 19, 2022
Main Trends in Edge AI to Watch for in 2022
Industries with highly distributed critical assets will be the great beneficiaries of taking advanced computing to the Edge.
Barbara IoT May 18, 2022
Smart Home Automation
Matter: The Future of Smart Homes
The smart home space may be about to experience a revolution in IoT communication standards: Matter.
MistyWest May 17, 2022
WiFi and Bluetooth: How Do They Compare and Differ?
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both radio frequency technologies that wirelessly connect electronic devices, but there are some important differences in how they operate.
Dave Seeman May 17, 2022
The Far Reaching Potential of eSIM Technology & IoT
With the development of new eSIM technology, IoT has been brought into greater focus, and the future is bright.
Guest Writer May 16, 2022
Vehicle Tracking
IoT for Electric Vehicle Monitoring & Management
There's a major role played by IoT in electric vehicle management. IoT aids with electric vehicle management, but comes with its own challenges as well.
PsiBorg Technologies Pvt. Ltd. May 13, 2022
Chip-to-Cloud IoT: A Decisive Step Toward Web 3.0
Chip-to-cloud IoT looks like a promising way to build a more secure, useful and decentralized technology for all.
Guest Writer May 12, 2022
Embedded Systems
Embedded Vision: Trends in Batteries, Compute, and Connectivity
For embedded vision costs are decreasing, performance is increasing, and the ability to innovate is compounding.
MistyWest May 12, 2022
Smart Home Automation
5 Ways Smart Home Manufacturers Can Increase Consumer Adoption
The human need and psychological effect of smart devices must be considered when developing smart home technology and striving for adoption.
Neil Anthony Daruwala May 11, 2022
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