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Traffic Management
How To Use IoT For Smart Parking Solution Development
48% of Americans find parking their car stressful. Smart parking solutions in densely-populated cities can alleviate this stress.
MobiDev Feb 1, 2023
Cloud Software
Digital Twins vs. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
BIM focuses on a building's design and construction while a Digital Twin represents how people interact with built environments.
ThoughtWire Feb 1, 2023
Government and Cities
6 Technological Advancements That Make Singapore a Smart City
The most futuristic place where technological breakthroughs are as regular as London’s rainfalls is Singapore; it is truly a smart city.
Guest Writer Feb 1, 2023
Catch the Leak Before it Catches You! IoT & Leak Prevention
Insurance companies are increasingly turning to IoT technology to detect water leaks, and LoRaWAN sensors are the best option.
MultiTech Feb 1, 2023
Information and Media
8 Reasons to Avoid AI-Generated Content
There’s a huge debate on whether or not marketers should use AI-generated content. But is it actually bad? Can it replace humans?
Guest Writer Feb 1, 2023
Why Now is the Time to Harden Your IoT Network Security
2023 will bring innovation in security prevention for IoT networks, including IoT hardening and security by design.
Vodafone Business Jan 31, 2023
Artificial Intelligence
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence – Widespread Job Losses
The impact of artificial intelligence will be great and we must invest in the education and infrastructure needed to support people.
Calum McClelland Jan 30, 2023
Smart Cities
Why LoRaWAN is the Right Choice for Smart Cities
Selecting the right technology for a smart city can be complex, but LoRaWAN can provide the scalable and ubiquitous coverage that cities need.
LoRa Alliance Jan 30, 2023
Internet of Things
5 Disruptive Technologies Shaping Our Future
Here are the five most disruptive technologies: artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, VR/AR, and IoT. Expect both good and bad outcomes.
Lauren Harrington Jan 27, 2023
Smart Home Automation
The Health Benefits of Smart Home Technology
The benefits of smart homes aren't limited to convenience and security; they also include the physical and mental well-being of residents.
Shannon Flynn Jan 27, 2023
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