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The PSTN Switch off Is Happening in 2025: Are You Preparing for This Change?
The PSTN legacy analog communication network will be shut down by 2025. The cellular communication network may not only replace it, but improve services that currently use it.
Wireless Logic Oct 18, 2021
Precision Agriculture Grows Up in US
Precision Agriculture is the leading edge IoT application for farmers, and the biggest farming areas in the US are sprinting to the front of the pack.
Ken Briodagh Oct 18, 2021
Artificial Intelligence
AI Visual Inspection For Defect Detection in Manufacturing
Deep learning-based visual inspection systems are good at detecting defects that are complex in nature.
MobiDev Oct 15, 2021
How IoT Can Improve Your Manufacturing Operations
Manufacturing remains the biggest adopter of IoT to date. Not only does IoT help increase automation, it provides visibility into the entire manufacturing process.
CalChip Connect Oct 15, 2021
IoT Business Strategy
Human-Centered Design: Addressing The Top Reason 75 Percent of IoT Initiatives F...
IoT initiatives often fail due to a lack of focus on end-user needs. Human-centered design helps bring focus and clarity to the design process.
Twisthink Oct 14, 2021
IT and Security
Should IT Departments Be Responsible for IoT?
Success in IoT requires new skills and capabilities, but is IT best suited to take on this challenge or should it be another department?
Calum McClelland Oct 14, 2021
The Digital Transformation of IoT and Manufacturing
Manufacturers must be able to process in real-time and ensure consistent and reliable data processing to take advantage of digital transformation.
Ken Briodagh Oct 13, 2021
IoT-Enabled Automation in Lawn Mowing: Why Businesses Are Shifting Their Focus
IoT-enabled automation in lawn mowing is being talked about and adopted more, and for good reason. Many lawn care businesses are looking at technology to sustain them through workforce shortages, econ...
Richard Evans Oct 13, 2021
5G Standards: The Roadmap in Detail
Take a look at how 5G NR has improved the functionality of 5G and what the road map looks like for Release 17 and beyond.
Guest Writer Oct 13, 2021
Machine Learning
TinyML That Can Be Updated Without Resynthesizing or Rebooting the FPGA
FPGA chips are projected to dominate IoT endpoint Deep Neural Nets (DNN) by the end of this decade.
Microchip Technology Inc. Oct 12, 2021
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