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Internet of Things
Technical Challenges to Climbing the IoT Maturity Model
Is building a mature IoT product challenging? It sure is. But that doesn't mean it is not possible.
Very Jan 26, 2022
Internet of Things
Kigen’s Big Ideas in IoT Security, Mobile and Cellular for 2022
Vincent Korstanje, CEO of Kigen, discusses some of the top IoT security trends and big ideas for 2022.
Kigen UK Limited Jan 25, 2022
Artificial Intelligence
How AI is Changing the Future of Nursing
Medical services combined with IoT help practitioners keep better track of patient care and give patients easier access to the information and support they need.
Noah Rue Jan 25, 2022
Virtual Reality
Metalaw: the Law of the Metaverse
With a few creators in control of the metaverse, we must take care that metalaw, or metaverse law, does not end up slanted in their favor.
Ciarán McCollum Jan 24, 2022
Vehicle Tracking
Assessing the Security of GPS Theft Recovery Systems: A Laboratory Analysis of S...
In early 2021, spurred by the alarming increase in auto theft in the U.S., Kudelski IoT Security Labs performed several analyses of vehicle theft recovery systems to understand their security maturity...
Kudelski IoT Jan 21, 2022
5 Key Technologies for the Development of the Metaverse
What is the Metaverse, where is it taking us next, and what are the key technologies driving its development? 
MobiDev Jan 21, 2022
Internet of Things
Data Lake Best Practices: Prevent Your Data Lake from Turning into a Data Swamp
Data lakes can help transform business practices. Prevent your data lake from turning into a data swamp with these best practices.
Very Jan 20, 2022
Smart Cities
Creating a Comprehensive and Safe Gas Utility System
Gas safety is a major concern. A smart gas utility system not only improves operations but can save lives.
Semtech Jan 20, 2022
Smart Building
IAP Creates a Better LoRaWAN Solution for Smart Buildings
Connecting LoRaWAN devices to legacy wired building automation and control systems (BACS) is easier thanks to the IoT Access Protocol (IAP).
Dialog Semiconductor - A Renesas Company Jan 19, 2022
Cellular Networks and Industrial IoT: Simple, Scalable, and Secure Connection
Many connectivity options are available, but cellular networks are becoming more popular as a simple and secure option for industrial IoT.
Nanoprecise Sci Corp Jan 19, 2022
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