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Internet of Things
Internet of Trusted Things: Democratizing IoT
An Internet of Trusted Things should be built to further the democratization of IoT.
IoTeX May 7, 2021
Smart Meters: User-Centered Multi-Utility Platforms and EMS
Smart meters are on the rise as more businesses and consumers take an interest in their energy consumption.
Interlogica May 7, 2021
Artificial Intelligence
10 Rules for Collaborative Artificial Intelligence
Here are 10 rules for selecting, designing, and building collaborative Artificial Intelligence solutions.
Levatas May 6, 2021
­­­Knock Out the 6 Biggest Threats to Your Cellular IoT Devices
IoT and IIoT devices may be the weakest link in any network. Learn the common types of cellular IoT device attacks and how to protect against them.
Guest Writer May 6, 2021
Driving the Patient-Centric Care Revolution
Healthcare may represent the most widespread deployment of IoT devices. No longer must all medical devices be anchored to where physicians are located.
Guest Writer May 5, 2021
Network Security as a Service: Top Trends in IoT Security
Network security as a service is becoming a popular option among IoT adopters, providing users have the greatest level of visibility into threats and anomalies.
KORE May 5, 2021
LTE-M: What’s in it for Your IoT Solution?
LTE-M is getting a lot of coverage for different reasons. Let's go back to basics for a second and dive into what LTE-M is, its benefits, and its uses.
EMnify May 4, 2021
Can IoT Reduce Construction Costs Long-Term?
While implementing IoT in construction may cost more on the front end, an overall increase in efficiency can reduce costs in the long term.
Guest Writer May 4, 2021
Network and Protocols
What is MQTT 5.0, and How Does it Work in IoT?
Learn how to organize a local MQTT v5.0 network with Python-based clients, including the challenges, issues, and pros and cons along the way.
MobiDev May 3, 2021
Network and Protocols
Identifying the Best IoT Network Based on Your Application
Look into the varying pros and cons of IoT connectivity with this infographic!
Semtech May 3, 2021