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Network and Protocols
3 Unexpected Applications for Amazon Sidewalk
Amazon Sidewalk represents a significant step forward in the world of IoT and connectivity and has the potential to create new opportunities.
Silicon Labs May 31, 2023
Waste Management
Waste Management and Bin Collection Companies Benefit from IoT Solutions
Waste management and IoT solutions work to optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency in waste collection. May 30, 2023
How Wi-Fi Location Services Support IoT Asset Tracking
Wi-Fi location services are the future of asset tracking. Find out how an innovative use of this technology is cutting costs and improving service.
Troverlo May 30, 2023
Artificial Intelligence
AI Helps Sales Leaders Drive Effectiveness With Optimized Cost
AI will revolutionize the way we approach sales by predicting customer behavior, forecasting market and customer needs, and more.
DAIN Studios May 29, 2023
Livestock Tracking
Smart and Sustainable Livestock Houses Powered by IoT
IoT has the potential to improve farming practices by reducing disease and mortality rates in livestock houses and optimizing operations. May 26, 2023
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics No Longer Cuts It. Long Live Prescriptive.
We need a purpose-built problem-solving AI-driven toolkit that applies both predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Augury May 25, 2023
Network and Protocols
5 Key Concepts for MQTT Broker in Sparkplug Specification
In the Sparkplug specification, an MQTT broker is an indispensable component to incorporate the five conceptual capabilities.
EMQ Technologies Inc. May 25, 2023
Location Technology
IoT and RTLS: Providing Solutions to Smart Hospital Challenges
Location-based solutions are supporting more efficient operations and patient outcomes by solving challenges in IoT-equipped smart hospitals. May 24, 2023
Bluetooth Low Energy
Optimizing Bluetooth Low Energy: 3 Top Priorities for IoT Products
When optimizing Bluetooth Low Energy software systems, what should you optimize for? Find out how to tackle your BLE project.
SwaraLink Technologies May 24, 2023
Aging in Place
Medical and Healthcare IoT Solutions for More Independent Living
Smart healthcare IoT solutions increase the quality of independent living for senior citizens, especially for those with impairments. May 23, 2023
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