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Barbara IoT

Barbara IoT is the company behind the Barbara software platform. It is a technology for IoT device lifecycle management starting from the design and construction of the software until the deployment of the devices and their remote management. It is an enabler for system integrators and device manufacturers to successfully develop IIoT projects safely and easily. It consists of two main elements: Barbara OS and Barbara Panel.

Barbara IoT is the company that develops Barbara, the most secure Industrial IoT Operating System ( Our goal is to solve the main challenges of the Industrial IoT: lack of flexibility, security and scalability. With Barbara, companies can: 1 - CONNECT their IoT devices to any platform via any network. Collect your data in the remote system you decide; Barbara is not tied to any platform and doesn’t keep your business data. 2 - SECURE and protect their data and equipment with a secure-by-design solution meant to be, the 1st line of defense of their IoT devices. Barbara is constantly updated to secure your data and devices. 3 - MANAGE and operate their IoT devices through a unified remote provisioning and management system. Barbara brings the intelligence to IoT devices so companies can manage the way they work. The company, based in Madrid downtown and operations in Bilbao and Valencia, has a great team of developers and engineers behind, and we are always looking for great talent ( If you are looking to take your company or products to the next industrial revolution, challenge us!

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