8 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace IIoT

IIoT refers to an industrial connectivity system connecting all elements of the sector (machines, people, buildings, etc.) to create a totally new paradigm. Now is a better time than ever to leverage IIoT solutions.

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It’s a good time for the Internet of Things (IoT). When the bells are ringing in the consumer sector, the numerous applications in the industrial sector become widespread, so it’s time to work on the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

IIoT is foundational to the concept of “Industry 4.0,” opening a new field of possibilities. We’re no longer talking about common connected devices that serve individual users; we’re talking about an industrial connectivity system that connects all the elements of the sector, such as machines, people, buildings, etc., to create a totally new paradigm.

With this new industrial paradigm, different connected devices can send data to the cloud in bulk and return commands to other devices based on derived insights. The receiving devices are able to use this information to operate more efficiently. For that reason, we’re not just speaking about IIoT but an IIoT ecosystem.

If we look not so much at IIoT technology but at the applications that allow or deliver such technology, we can find many reasons why it’s a good time to enter the IIoT market and be disruptive in our businesses.

Among the many arguments to start pivoting into the IIoT soace, I’d highlight the following, ordered by their business relevance:

1. IIoT Is Collaborative

For the IIoT ecosystem to function properly, it’s necessary that the devices that collect data can communicate with other devices. For this reason, and in order to survive in the market, your company needs to enter this system. When it does, it will benefit in the following ways.

2. It Will Make Your Business Sustainable

IoT has positioned itself as a great ally to compete better in the market. Through informed decision-making based on real business data, companies will improve their activity so that it’s sustainable over time. IIoT is an investment for the long term.

3. It Will Generate Value for Your Business

As companies obtain real-time data, they can have more information on the processes of their industrial organization in order to improve them. IIoT is the technology that allows industrial organizations to be more competitive, profitable and sustainable.

4. It Will Generate Efficiencies and Improve Operations

By having information that is more reliable and more secure, companies can improve each of their processes and reduce the consumption of their resources.

5. It Will Improve Customer Experience

Since IoT and IIoT deal with data, it’s possible for organizations to know their clients better and to improve processes to better serve them. Processes such as logistics or continuous improvement are key to making the customer experience better.

6. It Will Make Reactive Maintenance Predictive and Preventive

For many years, we’ve been addressing problems in the machinery when they occur instead of preventing them, which has a huge impact on costs and efforts to repair assets. What if we could predict these problems based on historical data? We’d ensure a better allocation of resources and a reduction of the costs related to the non-planning of maintenance.

7. It Allow for Remote Updates, Monitoring and Control

With this, you’ll not only reduce the costs of doing it physically; you’ll see your efforts reduced considerably. If you use quality software, you can avoid security failures and keep improving daily.

8. It Will Enhance Production Quality

As we have already mentioned, the fact of collecting data helps you to improve your processes and to be more efficient. It also contributes to the improvement of the customer experience in all its aspects. Finally, it helps you establish intelligent maintenance systems.

If you add all the data collected about the faults or defects that occur in your products or services, whether final or semi-manufactured, you can establish quality measures that allow you to better serve your customers.

Caveat: IIoT Must Be Secure

Despite these reasons, you might still be reluctant to enter the IIoT market because of the possible implications that it can have for privacy and security. Of course, it is essential that any IIoT solution or project you deploy is designed with security at its core. You have to make sure to count on technology providers that guarantee the security of the data and provide you with the necessary security layers (through OTAs, Blockchain, etc.), to ensure the integrity of your business.

In short, for a company to be sustainable in the long term and to increase its efficiency, relying on IIoT is the best choice. When it works hand in hand with other technologies, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, a company can digitize and innovate to survive in the market and compete better.

Barbara IoT
Barbara IoT
Barbara is the Cybersecure Industrial Edge Platform to govern the distributed intelligence.
Barbara is the Cybersecure Industrial Edge Platform to govern the distributed intelligence.